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Yes You Can.

Yes You Can.

in the final of 2018, the things changed a lot, a lot of shit happened in my life, fuck this was very terrible, but I had two choices.

1. Cry
2. Do something about it

I did both, serious I did, but I have a facility to addict into things, whatever it can be, for this reason, and others I don’t drink alcohol, but well, I started 01/11/2018 calisthenics just push-ups. When things became more difficult more push-ups I did, and cried in the same time, well, this was an escape, a good escape, well, after my experience, My body became nice, and my mind was half-good, and then I started in the 0 again, but well.

Choose a thing, a good thing, so get addicted to that, today I’m training 6x per week, as I said, I’m a fucking addict…yes you can, choose something, and this will choose you too.

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Começo 13,5 x 12,5/ Agora 17 x15/ Em breve 20 x 17 (NBP)/ nunca está bom, eu quero, eu posso, e eu nasci para quebrar a banca. Não gostou ? entra na fila.

Good luck! Keep at it!


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