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Anyone know any cures for a receding hair line?


Anyone know any cures for a receding hair line?

I was wondering if anyone has found anything affective for treating a receading hiar line. I have seen a few adds for things, but would like to get peoples oppinions who have tried some stuff. Does anyone know where I can get some more info on this that is not biased.

Larry, great question. I don’t know but hope someone does. The “experts” say you can’t get a digger dick, and we know how true that one is. PE isnt something the experts get rich off of, perhaps the hair is the saye way?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Great news for all of you guys who are losing hair one by one. Go purchase some Nisim, New hair biofactors.

I got some for 403 about 2 months ago, not only has the hair loss stopped, he is getting new growth.

What is does is strips the DHT from the scalp allowing the hair follicles to regenerate and promotes new hair growth.

If I hadn’t seen it I would question. But it is working, which helps the ole ego (his). It is expensive but worth the money. It comes in shampoo and conditioner, use both. Check at any local salon that does his and hers cuts and ask. If your salon doesn’t have it, see if they can get it.

So go :grab: yourself some and stop that hair loss.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Glad to see some people understand were I am coming from. I seen some stuff on the internet called Fabao. It is some kind of chinese or japanese thing that is supposed to be working for many. They think hair loss is connected to bad circulation where we think it is due to DHT. I read somewhere that DHT is the hormone responsible for penis growth during puberty. But it is also linked to hiar loss and prostate cancer. I am happy to see that this is an interesting topic for others besides me. Thanks sunny for the advice, I will look it up. Anyone eles please reply if they have any input. I figured this is the only way we will learn the real truth.

Hair Loss

Well as an oldie and jerriatric, I have seen many adverts and so called hair restorers on the market. None in the past have ever worked.

The only successful method was, hair transplant, which is lengthy and expensive.

Hair loss is hereditory, so I’m told, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Sunshinekid may have come across a new product which she says is working, great but it might not work for everyone. You can only try it and see for yourself.

I have virtually lost all my hair on the crown of my head but have plenty of hair elsewhere, shoulders,chest arms and legs and around my shlong.

People have to accept me the way I am, if they dont like my appearance too bad for them. I am what I am and I aint goin to muck around with chemicals just to please others, might do some irretrevial damage to my skin and who knows what else!


Health is Wealth

I understand what you are saying droopy. If I get to the conclusion that there is nothing I can do about it, then I will learn to accept it. Right now I am still have plenty of hope, I am skeptical to try anything though. I would like to see lots of people swearing by some product or different products. I was majoring in biochemistry to treat problems like this. When it comes to things that affect how appealing my body is to me, I dont give up nearly as fast as others do.

I used generic Rogaine for about 6 months a couple years ago. It worked great. Hair was growing and it was looking good. But it’s continual use caused it build up on my scalp and flake off. It looked like I had a terrible case of dandruff and wouldn’t wash out. So I had to make a choice; stop using the Rogaine and let my hair fall out or put up with the dandruff. I chose to stop. Well within 2 weeks all that I had gained was lost. It was rather shocking to look at. I didn’t realize how thin my hair orignally was.

I have come to accept my going bald. I have about 50% left so I keep it cut real short. It doesn’t too look bad either. In fact, it makes me look more mature if anything. I have a boyish face and look much younger than I really am. Going bald has helped me gain a little respect among my peers.

I have a friend who is using Avacor. I haven’t seen him since Christmas but he says it’s working.


Well, Larry, I warn you about hair transplant procedures. Now some may work but in my case, it was a disaster. I should say my 24-year old son’s case. He had it done in Dec. actually didn’t even need it, but “thot” he might be losing some hair. Cost me $3,000 for that and then $1,000 to get it reverseed and another $4,000 for therepy.

Besides women like bald men right now



Ok guys,

Just to let you know, the stuff I have is calles Nisim. It does seem to be working. If nothing else my comb isn’t full of hair everytine I use it. I have noticed some new growth on top. It isn’t an overnite fix, but its making a difference. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


Speed costs money... So how fast do ya wanna go?

I was about to say the same thing: shave!

I have a fairly smooth and symmetrical skull, so a shaven head looks fine on me — as it would on most others, if they’d allay their fears and take the plunge. Plus I’m a mutt (aka. mulatto), so it’s not like I’m going to blind people with my shiny white scalp ;) j/k

I guess you could consult a phrenologist if you had any skull-shape concerns. If you’ve ever had very short hair, you should have a good idea of your skull’s shape and symmetry anyways.

I’ve been shaving my head since I was 16, and during my stint in the army, the regular wearing of headdress cooked my follicles and caused me to start going bald on the crown of my head. So, I just shave my head every 2-4 weeks.

Or, as Jimwants10 does, cut your remaining hair short, kinna like actor Ed Harris; I happen to think Ed Harris is very distinguished looking.

http://movieweb … therock/co7.jpg

Anyhow, my $1.47 Canadian — the equivalent of 2 American cents these days :P

I got cut short last nite (no, that’s not a play on words), someone came to the door so I zapped off the message very quickly.

The transplant procedures can fail, like in the case of my son. One of the problems is that the “doctor” did the translant too far forward and while he was too young (my son). If he actually ever starts to bald, which seems very unlikely, he may have a space where the transplant “was” and where his hair will start receding as he gets older. The doctor also took the hair from the wrong part of his head, so the new hair gropwing in was much courser than the hair surrounding the transplant. Shiot, other than that, it wa a great job!!!!

Shaving is really big right now as we all now and many bald men are cutting their hair real short - seems to drive the women wild. Also, it never ceases to amaze me that bald men have no hair from their forhead up and more hair than they’ll ever need from their eyebrows down to their feet - so enjoy your new-found sexiness while the craze lasts. I know it’s easy for me to say - I’m 57 and everyone comments on what great hair I have. I always retort with, ” it’s really great to be known for something that’s dead on the top of my head.”


Thanks for your stories and advice. I actually have plenty of hair, just a very small receding hiar line. Very small, but big enough to make me consider different ways to style my hair. I dont think I would look good bald. I spoke with a hiar stylest and she siad I should make sure I am massaging my hair alot when I wash it. This will help circulation. I am hoping to fix my problem with just circulation issues. I read somewhere that the chinese think that this is what causes baldness (bad circulation). I dont like to take things that mess with hormones, like DHT. It seems that all the products in the US center on this. I am really interested in a product called Fabao. Would like to hear someone who has tried it. Also, does anyone know of a forum that would be little more active on this issue.


Give this a shot.

Go to the Men’s Health site: Men’s Health - Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Sex, Style & Weight Loss Tips for Men
Scroll down to the HEALTH section and then go to HELATH MESSAGE CENTER.

Ask the question about Fabao (is that a take off on that model who poses for paperbacks with the long, blonde locks?). In fact, you might want to scroll thru all the past subject entries and see if they have something about hair. Come to think of it, I think I recall seeing something abvout hair loss, but didn’t pay any attention to it.


shaving it all off

I was going to mention that, but I see it was mentioned. Oops, and I still am mentioning it so here I go…

I was thinking of Bruce Willis myself. Ed Harris is a gorgeous guy to me. he would look good regardless of what he has or does not have on his head. Bruce Willis on the other hand became more appealing to me bald. He looked like he was thinning back when he was doing Moonlighting. There is nothing funny to me sometimes about a man with nothing on top and hair flowing down his back. Or the men who takes strands of hair and try to cover the top. Sorry if I am offending anyone, but if it is gone it is gone. Like Ron Howard and his brother Cliff..that seems to be in their genes. Ron just wears hats all the time. when he doesn’t he seems to be fine with the fact that he is going bald.

Also, when I see the ads on television about thinning hair on men, the before and after pictures are amazing. The men look much younger with more hair than less. But with it bald it seems it doesn’t make that much difference because you don’t have that look of being older because you have thinning hair. If I am making any sense.

And having a good head to go bald is great. I feel for the man with a lumpy looking head. Going totally bald would be the last thing I would do as a man. Try what you can so you can at least say you have tried. Then know you still have this one last option.

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Zig Ziglar

i have been cutting hair for over ten years and the best thing i found that works is called Nixon you can go to style America Master cuts Or a Reguis Salon and buy Nixon its Like rogain Except it dosnt cost as much and when you stop using it you wont lose your hair again like you do with the rogain if you get a starter kit its about $30.00 but you only use a small amount it and it will last you about 4 to 5 mths. i have been using this on my hair and it works good for me.if you tery it let me know how it works for you good luck.

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