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Can't seem to find the multiple choice thread to jot down my current size.

Can't seem to find the multiple choice thread to jot down my current size.


I filled out a multiple choice question thread last week that let me jot down my girth and length here on Thunderpalace.

Beside each option had the percentile of people that have or claim that size.

I can’t seem to find that thread now, could someone send me the link please if they know which one I’m talking about. I would appreciate it.

Thank you

In the upper right corner of your screen click on your name, then click recent posts.

Or use advanced search and search posts for your user name.

Or in the lower left corner click profile, then click all posts by fariss.

But I see that you only have one post to your username and it is this one above, I suspect you did not complete the poll you think you did.

Initial: 7” BPEL; 6” NBPEL; 5.25” - 5.5” MEG

Current: 7.5” BPEL; 7” NBPEL; 8.25” BPFSL; 6.25” - 6.5” MEG w/ c-ring.

Goal: Improved/consistent EQ while managing ED. Secondary: maintain current stats.

That’s not what I meant. It was a multiple choice answer, with options such as:

a. (>3 inches) 2.5%

b. (3 - 4.5 inches) 4%

c. (4.5 - 5.5 inches) 23%

d. (5.5 - 6.5 inches) 30%

e. (7 inches) 11%

f.(>7 inches) 1%

and so on…. each for length and girth.

You might be right that I didn’t complete it maybe, but it’s nowhere to be found as of yet. Maybe the chap deleted it.

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