LG Hanger

I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge LG Hanger on here.

Lots of comments are out there about there various products. But this one is about their service. Im just not sure if it can be matched, at all. And I have bought a shit load of products. lol.

Heres the long story shortened. I am previous customer, many times over. I had many, many, questions about a particular piece and potential alternate uses; as well as more additional questions about having a custom piece done for me. Which is being done BTW. Through all of this back and forth conversation that we had, a miscommunication developed that resulted in me not receiving a piece that I thought was handled. It was in fact my fault, if you ask me. When I asked them a question about this: LG promptly fixed the issue for me without delay or even any back and forth ( as so many companies do ). But its not just that; lots companies fix issues. But its how they do it, and did you have to fight them? and were they nice about it, were they assholes about it.
LG; They wouldn’t let me take the blame for the communication issue, even though I tried. They didn’t even have very much to say about the matter at all actually. They just said Thank You for the business and it wasn’t my ( it was ) and they hope to keep doing business.

Anyway, For anyone who has not used them before: if nothing more than knowing that you are dealing with a SOLID company that replies to you, talks to you, and handles business! I would use them hands down.
For those who have used them: Keep doing so.