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About Us

Thunder’s Place is a little hard to describe. It’s funded by donations and it makes no profit. It’s unique for this kind of site. There are no ads, something you might not appreciate if you run an ad blocker.

We have quite an intense idea of what we expect for your privacy and we hope the NSA don't have a way of subverting that. We have a tor version of the site for increased privacy.

Our rules have ballooned over the years. The moderators try to encourage people to behave like people, rather than trolls. We try very hard not to delete anything other than spam, so that you can be fairly sure that if you read something once, you'll be able to read it again.

These are the mechanics that allow Thunder’s Place to function as it does but they don't really explain much beyond the originating ethos.

The focus here tends to be on enlargement of the penis but we also try to cover the gamut of sexuality, sexual function. It’s pretty sex oriented. Sometimes it’s a little bit too male and, because it’s a community, you sometimes read opinions with a what the fuck now expression on your face and wonder how someone can function on this planet, in this day and age with those opinions intact. We like a bit of that because, if we were all politically correct automatons, it would get pretty boring. You would have no one to disagree with.

So we are about penis enlargement and related stuff and it tends to be pretty male, though pretty diverse. Is that all we are? Well maybe but there are a few people who have been around here since 2001 and there are even those who knew each other before this site started up. That’s a mighty long time. Beyond all expectations, we are still here. We survive. There’s an ineffability about exactly where this place starts and where it stops, not in the physical sense of pages on a website but more with respect to the mind. Maybe this place is an infection or a meme or a song you can’t get out of your head. Maybe that’s the best description of Thunder’s Place, it’s a song like Touch Of Grey by the Grateful Dead that for some reason sticks in your head, maybe even when you don't want it to.

Because we are a community, there’s a thread What does Thunder’s Place mean for You? for you to tell us what you think.

By the way, if you are an equipment manufacturer or sell some kind of PE or sex related product note that we don't ever ask for free review samples, we won't accept them if offered and we don't accept advertising or paid content in any form. We also go out of our way to find surreptitious advertising and expose it and mark it as such, so you might make a short term gain by managing to place it here but expect a long term loss and eventual exposure of your marketing practises.

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