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Electric warming pad for Penis

Electric warming pad for Penis

Hey guys.So i had this idea and i want to hear your thoughts on it.
I know a lot of guys use hot towels or something like that to warm up their penis or to increase blood flow before PE or between courses so i thought what if i used an electric pad while i am sitting at my desk doind work.I could plug it to my PC and place it between my pants and the boxer i am wearing.The onli thing that scares me is if there any health dangers.I mean..its electricity after all.

Check this out.This seems good for a start :Size S/m 5v Carbon Fiber Heating Pad Usb Heating Film Electric Infrared Fever Heat Mat Winter Warm Arm Waist Heat Glove - Skiing Gloves - AliExpress

Ignore the pc thing.. I meant laptop

Waste of money but do so if you like. Just use a warm towel for a few minutes before your routine and spend the money you were going to spend on a heater on some really good beer.

I pulled a muscle in my back over the weekend and had my small heat pad out for that… then got the same idea I used it between 20min sessions and it seemed to work well. I was hot and hanging loser than I would be warming up in the shower. Gunna keep using it when I’m doing tv/couch hanging.

I was thinking about using it very often.Like, even when i am not doing PE exercises.I may hang out and watch something on netflix and have it on.Its a win win for lose nothing and get a better blood flow throughout the day.

Does this cheap device i linked,seem ok?

Your testicles are very close by and may not like that. Besides it won’t give you any better gains or any faster.

Well,you cant know that for sure.Heat is a very iportant factor

Sometimes a i have the same intention about use an electric pad, but i dont know if the material wich it is made could affect the skin of penis,

sorry for the english i use a traductor for post, i speak spanish

Originally Posted by Konis FIlos

Well,you cant know that for sure.Heat is a very iportant factor

Oh yes I can but you do what you want. I won’t bother you.

Sitting there with a heating pad on while working does not seem like your doing PE but I can be wrong. Frying your sperm, well that’s another issue.

Well i dont mean that heat itself is PE,what i mean is that it can enhance the blood flow which will help you recover faster and do PE better.Hmm..what bothers me now is when should i put DMSO on..I was thinking a little before i start and a little when i am done PEing but i will need to use a lube for some exercises and that could be dangerous if i had dmso applied before that.

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