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Erection improvement or real gain?

Erection improvement or real gain?

It’s been a while since I’ve had a question and I’d like to know what you guys think. Many years ago I bought a pump and when I pumped my penis it reached 18 cm. I know that the pump usually increases the size of the erection, but when without it I reached a maximum of 14.5 cm and did not feel that it was very firm. I only used the bomb a few times and then no more. A few years later I started using an extender, but I only used 1h or 2h at most and not every day. While I was using my erection greatly improved, I was very insecure before that. I stopped a few times and came back until I definitely stopped after a year and a half that had started. Since then I have 16 cm when I have the maximum erection. How I always used the extensor for few hours and with many breaks, and considering the size my penis reached at the penile pump, I could never tell if this increase in erect size was real or just an improvement in erection. And as much as it shouldn’t affect me, whatever it is, I won anyway, it has affected me. As if the erection that I can achieve now is a fraud and not really mine. I would be very pleased with any comment about it.

It’s your penis so it doesn’t matter how you gained.

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As Titlest said, the important point is that you did gain.

It is true that some men did have poor EQ before they started their PE efforts. I was in this category due to ED. My erection with poor EQ did not achieve the full size that I had with 100% EQ. I was smaller and softer.

In a poor EQ case the first growth success is from improving EQ followed by new growth from the PE program. You re-gained or re-established the size that you had previously. No matter how you gained size there is nothing fraudulent about it. It is real and it is you. Use it, enjoy it and hopefully you will continue your PE efforts and have more gains to continue to enjoy. Good luck!

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Thanks man! My question is that I would really like to know my size at the beginning. For example, how much do you think was your gain just from improving your erection?

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