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한국사람 있나요? is there any korean guy here?

한국사람 있나요? is there any korean guy here?

한국인 찾습니다..ㅎㅎ
펌핑 관심있고 1년 반정도 했어요. 효과 조금 봤고요..
잘 아시다시피 이런정보 어디서 나눌데도 없고 해서..
해외포럼 뒤적이는 수 밖에 없는데 마땅한 싸이트가 없네요.. 다 외국인들 뿐이고…

전 30대 남성이고 미혼입니다. 이성애자구요. 그냥 이런데 관심이 많아요..ㅋㅋ
혹시나 한국인 계시면 연락주세요~ 그냥 정보나 나눴으면 해요.
혼자하려니 영 기운이 안나서.. 잘 안하게 되네요..

Gosh - I don’t recall seeing any Korean guys on the forum. But we’re glad you’re here!

You may want to send a private message to one of the moderators - they might be willing to help you find some others from Korea.

Live long and prosper.

wow thanks for the reply Erniebanks.
honestly i didn’t expect someone reply this post.

i’ll try that.

thanks again!

Don’t try that. What you’ve done is the best way to find people. There are a few Koreans here, we get maybe 10-20 Korean applications per month (excluding VPN usage). So it’s not high but there are always people around. Whether they’ll post or not is another question. I’m sure you can continue to encourage them.

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oh, that’s a quite number.

because of heavily censored internet circumstance in korea,
so there is no local place to share about enlarging penis or getting healthy penis.
almost website that include any kind of sexual contents has been blocked, and becoming blocked right now.
did you ever heard the site ‘’? (be redirected to this site when someone try to access blocked site in korea.) is not yet blocked, but maybe it can be blocked someday. who knows.

there is no freedom for korean netizen. T_T

so this place is the only hope. for korean like me.
but the language barrier is a HUGE problem to korean for navigating english-based forum like this..
of course it’s hard for me either..

if they get to know there is another korean guy here, then someday they can contact each other.

thanks for your reply. you encourage me.

i gonna wait until someone contact me or reply this post.
and keep encouraging them!

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Hey I’m Korean descendent but I was born in Brazil and can’t speak Korean.

Anyway the genetics are here and also regarding penis size (which I hope to improve soon!)

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아직 계시나요?

저 있습니다! 다른 분들 계시면 답 달아주세요.

Newbie routine 시행중인데 아직은 잘 모르겠네요. 일시적으로 커지는 효과는 확실히 있는데..


와 여기서도 한국분들이 있었네요.. 아직 보실런지 모르겠네..

Korean/Asian place

I’m a Korean

I'm 19 Korean guy, started 5.9 x 5, current : 6.2 x 5.5 goal : 7.5 x 6

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안녕하세요 저도 한국인입니다 반갑습니다

안녕하세요~~ 동지를 찾은 기분이네요^^

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23년도에서 왔습니다

다들 안녕하세요

익스텐더랑 젤크 펌프 병행하면서 그저께 시작한 뉴비입니다 ㅋㅋ


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