My Pe Journey

I’ve been doing pe for over a year now was on and off during my time but am experienced. I’ve been back in my routine solid for about a month now and have developed a routine that has been very beneficial. I first warm up with my bathmate. I use the hercules bathmate without water for about 30-45 minutes with a few breaks in between. Then I hang for about 1-2 hrs mild weight. Then I pump with the bath mate again with water for about 20 minutes. I then massage it out with aloe vera which cools and soothes. And I will either use an ads while I’m at work or traction wrap to cement the healing gains. Use an ace bandage for traction wrapping it works the best! And I usually take one rest day. But so far in this month I’ve increased from 7.25bpel to 7.5bpel and my flaccid length has been at a nice 4.5-5.0. I’ve started my pe journey from 6.5bpel and have gained near an inch and I believe with this method I can gain another inch! give it a try any questions feel free to ask goals 8el 8.5bpel

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