1.5 months old pain on corpus carvenosum sides

Hello thundersplace forum users,

So, for a bit of context, because this isn’t the first time, albeit its the longest. I’ve been doing PE with breaks for essentially an entire year. I haven’t managed to get any results unfortunately, because my member is incapable of handling anything but the lightest routine, and not even that if I keep going in a 2 days on, 1 day off manner.
Hence, I would constantly have to take breaks due to the soreness becoming too much, and erection quality falling dramatically, and then go about it in a different manner.

I tried penis pumping back in spring. Even with 5 minutes of pumping at low Hg, the sides of my penis became too sore.
I then got my hands on a stretcher, and thought I finally found my solution. But yet again, penile o junior’s lack of athleticism showed, and within a mere three days of wear for under an hour, I already started getting uncomfortably sore once more, and having painful erections. Once again the break/routine/break pattern emerged, and with desperate attempts to reach even the 60 minutes marker.

Unfortunately, I gave up on PE at the beginnings of August. I, naturally, had gained 0, and only managed to get myself complaints from my partner down there.
Fast forward to today, and the sides of my penis seem not to have fully healed. Erections are harder to maintain, and the pain becomes worse when I have already jacked off the day before. I am now purposefully starving myself of sexual satisfaction, in hopes of fully healing my member. However, I’m pretty scared I may have caused actual scar tissue to develop, and I don’t know what I should do. Mind you, I am an avid user of my tool and barely goes a day without deploying it on the battlefield, so it may have not had real chance of rest till now. I hope?

Should I see an urologist ?( boy will it be awkward to explain what I’ve been doing) And also, is there any massage, or anything really that I can do to ease the process? It would kind of suck for permanent damage to become a thing.

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