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Found Out What My Spot Was

Found Out What My Spot Was

I had a thread a couple months ago about me freaking out because there was a red spot on my penis. Well it went away and left some lighter skin discoloration. I’m beginning to think that using my penis pump and having my dick rub against the tube, could have caused it. I also would clamp after the clamping session…hard. It is possible that I had a burst capillary, or vein. At the point of where the lighter skin is located, a new darker vein seems to have been created moving outward from it.

Anyway! I know if it was anything to worry about I would have other symptoms along with it more than likely. I’ve had it since December and it hasn’t changed or anything. It did get smaller, aside from that nothing else has happened. :) Later dudes.

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My guess

I have just recently had a few small read spots on my head and the inside of my foreskin. Pretty sure from the size and how quickly they heal they are burst capillaries. A larger vein would cause a more bruised effect I believe. Also it only makes sense that the weakest link in the chain would give first and given capillaries minuscule size I would surmise that they are the weakest link. Mine started showing up about a week ago. I have slowly raised my jelqing pressure since starting a serious PE routine and am now pushing my limit so I am taking a couple days off and am going to back off slightly when I resume.

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