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Frenulum keeps ripping - any advise?

Frenulum keeps ripping - any advise?

Hey guys!

I’d love to be consistent with PE, but I keep getting my frenulum injured.
It’s usually just a little wound but hurts as fuck when I remove the foreskin. Also, obviously, it keeps me holding off PE.
I guess mine’s just really fragile. Jelqing, stretching has been fine, but the thing that makes my frenulum rip is the penimaster.

Any tips on how to speed up healing process?
Also any tips with the PeniMaster in particular perhaps?

Thank you guys a lot!

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Stop using the one thing that causes this…

If jelqing and stretching are fine, concentrate on those.

That being said, I used to have a very tight frenulum (frenulum breve), and I did a fair amount of research on how to fix it, and one of the routes was stretching it. I tried for 2 years since I had stretching my foreskin opening when I was a young teenager and that had worked well, but alas. No real results.
I also read that as you stretch the skin, it can become weaker, and once you start getting frenulum tears, they are much more likely to keep happening as more scar tissue forms, which is not as flexible as your skin.

Because of that, I ended up having “frenulum tying” done by a urologist, which completely severed the frenulum and totally freed my foreskin, so no issues with the frenulum any more other than I did lose a bit of sensitivity on my frenulum, and the sensitive part is now about an inch and a half down my shaft when the foreskin is pulled all the way back. And I can totally completely pull it back, where before I could basically only clear the glans before my frenulum started pulling it in a downward direction.

This, or a “frenuloplasty”, which is another surgical procedure a urologist can perform to release or at least relieve tension on the frenulum and should permanently fix any issues with your frenulum tearing.

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That sounds terribly painful. I echo Richard’s suggestion of at least taking time away from the Penimaster. It’s counter productive if it damages your member more than it enhances it. And I (hope) your PE is in some capacity done with the intention to use your penis, preferably with someone special. (Or, you know, just that right person that you vibe with. Doesn’t matter really, so long as you’re consenting adults, no one’s business but your own really.)

And yeah, might be good to bring it to your Urologist or GP at least. You may not be fully healing. Not being a GP or Urologist, this is just a friendly suggestion and not medical advice clearly, but I’m wishing you the best.


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