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Just to clarify, I believe the extender is safe, but a person can make it unsafe if used incorrectly.

Originally Posted by mourningwood
I injured myself while using my extender. I was absent minded while shaving my face. The extender must’ve been pressed up against the cold sink with the protruding part of the sink was jammed in my abdomen. The edge of the sink between the extender and my abdomen. I finished shaving and did something like brush against my shorts with my hand. I was completely numb! Immediately took it off yet I was numb. Long story short, don’t be careless like me and take you mind completely away from the fact your penis is in extender. I’m healing, went to the docs immediately after, I’ll book an appointment with a urologist on Monday. It took 4 hours to get to 90% sensation. But only had 10% from 15 minutes after the incident. Most of the improvement was in the last half hour. It’s been about 36-48 hours since the event. I was able to urinate and the colour never changed. But immediately afterwards was half my flaccid size and completely numb for over 15/20 minutes. My penis isn’t sore whatsoever and never was, and sensation has returned. My pelvic muscles and stomach feel swollen, but not sore. I have been erect and orgasmed twice since, one yesterday morning and this morning. First orgasm was less intense. Second being better but not fully returned. It sounds similar to an injury posted above.

Sorry for it being erratic. Wasn’t really asking a question but if anyone’s got anything or information that might help me, please feel free to respond. I’m mostly posting to inform others of my experience. Although you all probably know not to be so silly.

How long was the extender on for?

Once upon a time (2015): 6.40” x 4.50”

Today: 7.25” x 5.00”, Thunder Cocks Unite!

I think we can...Little Engine’s Climb

Total time into the day was about an hour and a half tops. Had done a one hour session, had a 10 minute break with gentle massage and heat for 5 minutes of the break. Strapped back in, within half hour I’d finished shaving and realized what was going on.

A few days later and my abdomen/pelvic region aren’t feeling a little strange anymore, but still maybe a little swollen. My penis has felt fairly normal, but today feels quite normal, although still feels quite gummy. But, upon very light stretching today, it’s not noticeably different?

Originally Posted by mourningwood
But, upon very light stretching today, it’s not noticeably different?

Not stretching per se, just extending till slight resistance.

I Got Dark Like Spots ON My Tip

I warmed up yestarday with dipping my penis is hot water, probably a strange way to do it. But I did that, stretched for 5 mins, and warmed down for 5 mins, today I looked at it and there were small dots a little darker than the tip, does anyone know what this is and or how to fix it?

Possible Injury to Corpus Spongiosum

As a preface, I began PE around June after much reading on this forum. I was doing light sessions that included warmup, stretches, wet jelqing , and warm down stretches.
Around the beginning of August, I fell out of my PE routine, and last week I decided I would do some stretching to increase flaccid size and gradually ease in to light wet jelqing sessions, and so on. On my first day, I stretched for about 30 seconds in various directions (Out, up, left, right, then straight down in that order, while slowly easing in and out of the stretch.). After this day I took a rest day, then did a light stretching session in the shower (same order as previous). The following day I wasn’t totally “aware” of my penis, but it was hanging nicely and I felt good about myself. The following day I was in the shower and thought I might as well choke the chicken, and noticed I couldn’t get hard.

Not only could I not get hard, but I didn’t even feel slightly horny. Usually for me my wood is quite responsive to physical stimulation, and my imagination takes me from there. But this day I didn’t feel any form of sexual desire. This scared me because I’ve always been very active with my penis (Usually once a day since I found out about the miracle of masturbation, and it has been like that up until this day.). I was scared that I injured my penis, or maybe I was too stressed because of a cluster fuck of problems that arose last week. But day #3 brought more issues.

I never got morning wood, and still couldn’t quite manage an erection. I told my girlfriend about this and she was very supportive. We decided we would try sexy times to see if that could stimulate me, which it did. But this was not a normal erection. It just wasn’t as hard as its always been.

Now this is where I need advice: Whilst looking on the underside of my penis, I notice the corpus spongiosum went from its normal round convex shape, to an almost flat shape mid-way up the shaft. After some research I fear I may have cause an injury that will lead to ED if it hasn’t already happened. I will be seeing my primary physician tomorrow at the ass-crack of dawn to get some professional advice.
Gotta be honest, I am scared. Never thought this would happen to me. Thought I was taking the right steps. Be careful out there. Thanks for reading

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