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Possible Clamping Injury

It has Been years.

Hello everyone. I am new to this site but not PE. I stopped and no longer do PE. But when I was. I did PE 3-4 years on and off. Every technique you name it, from stretching to clamping. Well long story short one day I was doing extremely intense routine involving clamping. By the end of the session I felt numb tingly slightly painful my piece was discolored and most notably it was now slightly inverted, (twisted) to one side. I was terrified and stopped immediately. That was around 5 years ago. But ever since then I have never been the same. I thought it would go away but it has not. Now my piece is discolored, smaller, weaker erection, skinnier, less feeling and sensitivity. It feels like I compromised my tissue. Kind of like when you tear a muscle working out, it pretty much will never feel the same. I have tried self treatment with minor alternatives and nothing has helped. I have gone to a urologist and he didn’t help much. He gave me a injection and then used what I believe an ultra sound or something like that to check the blood flow coming in and out of the penis. He said everything seemed to be fine. But I know myself and its different now then when before I used clamping. Since I can still get semi hard erections without any pain, This led me to believe that it could be a tissue injury and not necessarily a vascular (blood flow) issue. I have been living with this for years. Basically as of now I am trying shock-wave therapy to see if this will correct it. Maybe its to early I’m only on week 1 but so far it has not helped. At this point I am considering going back to a doctor and see if I can get professional help. This is hard cause this is a really embarrassing issue. But I just wanted to reach out to place of men who may be having the same problems or are somewhat knowledgeable in this sensitive area. So if anyone has any insight I would love to hear it. Thank you

Were you making use of heat while on your routine? I had some issues and solved with IR lamp and massage.

Can you point your finger on specific exercise who make it happens or its general overload ?

gniK, I moved your thread to the Injuries and Treatments section and provided a title that will help bring in other members who might have more experience in this specific area.

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I was and I was not some sessions I would but not all the time. IR Lamp?

It happen after a really intense clamping session where I left it on for 30 minutes extremely tight.

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