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Itching In Urethra After Heavy Jelqing.

Itching In Urethra After Heavy Jelqing.

Started my journey in May doing the newbie routine before discovering what worked for me. After two weeks of doing the newbie routine I started exclusively jelqing 20 minutes a day with a very firm grip using coconut oil as a lubricant. Never jelqed with full erection and rarely, if ever, took a day off for 45 days straight. My gains were noticeable having gained 0.25 inch in length and 0.2 inch in girth. However I developed a terrible itching sensation in my urethra starting from the tip and going to the circumcision line. I immediately went to the doc and got tested. 3 panel came back negative but I was treated anyway with antibiotics. I took a week break until the itching stoped and started back with my routine. However I started to have symptoms of a kidney stone after 5 days and the itching resumed, so I went to the ER. This time a 5 panel std test was given and that again came back negative, however I was diagnosed with Epididymitis (inflammation). Another round of antibiotics was given and the itching subsided. I have not done anything since going to the ER. 3 weeks later and the itching is coming back. I have no discharge or sores. It does not burn when I pee. The itching is mild and comes and goes. It’s at its worse after I orgasm. Is it possible I caused permanent damage to my urethra? The doc said it was possible that I irritated it and that it should go away on its own and after reading multiple threads it seems itching is a symptom of “healing” I’m just worried it’s been weeks since I last jelqed and any healing would’ve been done before the 3 week mark. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I might be experiencing something similar.

Some background information on my potential injury. Some tenderness or irritation on the underside of my penis (more so like the corpus spongiosum side) mostly only noticeable when pinching or applying pressure on my penis. About 1-2 inches back from my glans which is exactly where my vac hanger grips the most I think. Wondered if maybe I got a half erection while hanging and injured it that way.

Also my urinalysis came back with a ph of 8.5 which indicates a urinary tract infection so I need to get that looked into.

Sorry I don’t have any answers for you but I am also experiencing what might be urethra problem as well.

Ah man no worries, I was told a yeast infection could be a possible cause but I don’t have any signs or symptoms of any condition I could Google besides my urethra itching. And after two negative Sti tests I’m at a loss. A uti was never mentioned but I also never asked. I’m also not sure if the antibiotics helped or if it was me not doing anything for extended periods of time while I took the medication. I’m going to go get another Sti test done in a couple of weeks. Although since I’m traveling for work and not having frequent sex the itching has all but stopped. I may feel a twinge here and there but it goes away in seconds. I hope you feel better man this shit sucks

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