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Power Jelq device cut my dick

Power Jelq device cut my dick

Hi everybody yesterday I was using the power jelq. I was going at it slow taking my time and it slipped off. one of the rollers popped off and sliced my dick with a little bleeding. It left a one and a half inch cut on the right side of my dick. Thank God that I wasn’t going at it like a mad man or it would have really gashed my dick. I still recommend and will continue to use the power jelq with a few safety modifications. Like putting tape at the ends of the metal tips that hold the rollers in place. plus maybe some rubber bands or tape to prevent the rollers from coming a part to begin with.

Last time I read about this injury, Rob from powerjelq suggested that you need to regularly reform the handles to avoid this happening.

Its nasty sharp metal on the inside of the device. Hope the cut is not too deep and your recovery is quick.

That happened to me several months ago too. So I filed the sharp edges off the tines and wrapped duct tape around the tines too. You need to check for sharp edges anytime you replace the handles with new ones. I only get about 5 - 6 months of use from a set of handles. I’ve been replacing them with canning jar lifters that I buy at Ace Hardware. I also replace the foam rollers with 1/2 foam pipe insulation that I buy at Ace Hardware, or Home Depot.

How are you treating the cut?

The reason I ask is that I tore my skin a bit manually.

Originally posted by dewey
How are you treating the cut?


It seemed like that happened years ago. I just let it heal on its own. My cut was not deep. It was more like a long cat scratch. I was lucky it could have been worse.

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Thanks, Maxwell. Glad you’re healed. This is actually an abrasion after all. No dry jelqing for a while.

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