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Return of ED, very scared and input appreciated

Return of ED, very scared and input appreciated

I am writing because I would really appreciate input from the experienced PE’ers on this site. I’m in a bit of a state over the recent return of erectile dysfunction which may or may not be related to the clamping I have commenced over the last few months.

To give you the full story I think I must start right at the beginning…

…Which was 12 years ago when I begun PE. I had always felt insecure about my penis size though it was not actually small, rather in the average range (6 x 5.8 at the base tapering to 4.8 at the just above the glans). I was 21 and sexually inexperienced. Unfortunately my first girlfriend made the mistake of telling me how incredible the sex had been with her ex and very well hung bf. I flipped out big time and searched to see if there was anything I could do about my perceived inadequacy. I found thunders and began jelqing. The newbie gains came, a full half inch in length with maybe 0.2 of an inch girth also, but then they dried up. It wasn’t enough. I increased the intensity and frequency of my sessions. Too much. My technique was poor back then and my dick got pretty beaten up. Things got to the point where just touching my flaccid member would cause it to shrink away. I could still get hard though so I carried on. Then I read about wearing a ring post session to maintain that pumped look and maximise gains. I wore one a couple of times, the second time tightish and maybe for 45 minutes. I woke the next day with the usual morning wood but something was different. The glans were entirely deflated. I freaked out big time, feeling almost physically sick and extremely anxious. This feeling stayed with me in the weeks and months to come. I repeatedly tried to masturbate but found the glans remained deflated, in time the shaft became affected also and I was able to masturbate to orgasm with a very floppy erection.

I sought help, got some Viagra which improved things so that with the pharmacological crutch things worked pretty well and if I retracted the foreskin it acted as a bit of a tourniquet keeping the blood in the head. Things were particularly ok during sex rather than masturbation. I also had a battery of test- bloods which were all normal, nocturnal tumescence test which also came back normal (though it looked at changes in girth at the base which was the least affected part) an also a venous cavernosagram which identified a very small venous leak. I actually had an operation too, a venous ligation which made sod all difference. As I say things weren’t perfect but they weren’t disastrous either and I continued with the PE. Over the years my function gradually improved so that my erections were really quite perfect (even the head) with Viagra. The improvements really came when I began erect squeezing around 4 years ago. I gained a bit also, pushing on to 6.7 and with some very minor girth gains also.

Then out of the blue I thought I would log back on to thunders, having not done so for years and got reading about clamping. I got the kit and began clamping towards the back end of last year. The first real gains for years came, pushing on to 7 inches and my 6 inch base girth marching up my shaft so that I measured maybe 6.2 at the base and 6 a third the way up, 5.2 at the head. I was beginning to feel pretty good about things.

Then around 2 months ago after several months of clamping and after a particularly heavy session I noticed things weren’t quite right. The glans didn’t fill properly. I freaked out and over the next few days attempts to masturbate produced an increasingly floppy shaft with a flacidish head. I was pretty stressed.

I have a very close relationship with my parents and they know everything about my history, the PE, my ED, everything! I got on the phone to them and after a good hour of calming chat, emphasising the likely psychological factors I had a go at stimulating myself. My cock came back to life. A fully hard erection including the glans. Whoopee!

I got back to clamping promising myself I would limit myself to no more then 5 minutes in the clamp at a time and only clamp on a fully erect cock and not tighten the clamp further mid clamp. I stuck to this pretty well until last weekend and had no issues. In fact I had a great strong erection without Viagra (something I have not tried to achieve for years). Was I cured entirely?! Then last Saturday I had a heavy session. Towards the end of the session however, getting an erection for the next clamp was getting more difficult. This did not overly bother me, having noticed this previously and read that this is really pretty standard. Normally I would have called it a day but for some reason I pressed on and had a couple more clamps, applying the clamp at around 90%. The last clamp I also retightened mid way though.

The next day, my old problem had returned, a softer head though not entirely flaccid. I tried not to freak out with my experience of recovery from a similar situation just a few months previous in my locker. Unfortunately though things have not yet recovered. In fact they have gotten worse. Initially just the glans affected , then a weakening of the shaft and the last couple of days nothing. That’s right, nothing at all other than maybe the mildest of tumescence when trying to stimulate myself even with Viagra in the system. The glans of my morning erections were a little soft but otherwise normal immediately the morning after the insult and have actually recovered I think to almost normal (glans still slightly sub-optimal), albeit with Viagra the night before. Still nothing on manual stimulation.

I’m trying not to flip out, trying to tell myself there must be a strong psychological component but I can’t get away from the fact that I spent years with dicey erections. I can’t go back to that or worse still, no sexual erections at all which is the current state of play. I’m doing my best to leave things alone because I have enough sense to know that obsessively trying to stimulate myself right now is not going to do me any good. I am very scared though and if anybody has an insight/some wise words to offer that would be great.

I guess my questions are
1) Could I have done myself some real physical damage? I know there are a lot of delicate nerves/blood vessels along the underside of the penis. The vasculature must be ok’ish given the good morning wood but could I have damaged the nerves. This would account for the preserved morning wood as the physiology of producing a sexual erection is different from that producing a nocturnal one.
2) Has anyone experienced something similar with clamping? Did it get better or become a chronic problem?

The joke is I am actually a medically trained doctor, specialising in psychiatry so you would think I might be able to help myself though I don’t seem to be able!

If anybody has any input I would be so grateful, yours dongers (Toby)

keeep going!

Read back over your history and count the number of times you recall being freaked out, stressed, or scared about the quality of your erection. You’ve been taking pills, did tests and had a minor surgery to help your erections. The only difference between voluntary and involuntary erections is between your ears.

You’re physically fine if you have morning wood. Relate to your penis in a positive way and it returns the favor. Keep relating to it as an object of stress and you’ll continue to have problems that tests don’t uncover.

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Thanks for the advice and you are right there is definitely the possibility of some psychological overlay but the problem has represented after literally years of not worrying about it and its return preceded any anxiety. Having done few searches I can see that the soft glans thing is not an uncommon problem. Anyway I’ve been laying off apart form the a little VERY light jelqing in the morning- just trying to balloon the head from it’s slightly engorged state to full turgidity and have started taking 8g arginine, some horny goatweed, ginkgo bilboa and 50mg Viagra before I go to bed to maximise nocturnal erections. I’ve heard some people have had success in reversing the problem with supplement regimens along the same lines so fingers crossed. I’m also laying off masturbation and trying to keep in a positive frame of mind and am generally treating myself kindly/doing fun things. I’ll keep you posted, dongers.

keeep going!

For goodness sake man! Read your history. It’s obvious you tend to over-train, and your dick lets you know by shutting down. Thing is, I suspect you have a slight weakness near the head and you are stressing it. Heavy clamping/jelqing/stretching are not for you. Slow down. Slow down. Listen to your body. Otherwise one day you may find you really have gone too far.

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