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Strange clamping injury

Strange clamping injury

This is my 4th month of PE, and I stupidly decided to start clamping. Yesterday, I clamped for a solid 30 minute session (stupid, I know), and today am experiencing pain at the base of my urethra when I begin to urinate. After a my urine stream is established the pain ceases, but it stings as the stream first passes through the base of my urethra. I figured I’d ask if anyone has experienced something similar, as the only similar injury I saw when looking around was Titleist passing a blood clot after clamping. I realize that this is probably not the right place to post this, but as a new member it’s one of the only places I can. Thanks in advance for any information/help!

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I suspect you had pressure on the urethra from the long clamping session. Stop PE, masturbation, don’t force an erection etc. for a few days and let it heal.

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Never clamp for over ten minutes per set. I consider that to be the safe zone, if any clamping is “safe”.

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Originally Posted by Titleist
Never clamp for over ten minutes per set. I consider that to be the safe zone, if any clamping is “safe”.

I agree. Not a fan of clamping. If there was a way to quick release the clamp maybe. It is that time between when it starts to hurt and you get it off. I only there was some kind of pump ring.

Two days later and I’m feeling fit as a fiddle. Probably gonna skip clamping for a while though. Appreciate you moving the thread 32quarters.

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