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Testicular Varicocele

Testicular Varicocele

I wanted to ask you guys about this.

I read on reddit a few things, noticed that people who post pictures and ask if “that looks like varicocele” on threads like “askdoctors” or such, they often get commented to go see a real doctor rather than post pictures and ask on the internet. There are guys who give their opinions, but in my case the veins on my balls don’t look like worms and don’t look as thick as those I searched for on google to resemble what the exact Testicular Varicocele looks like.

I can upload pics here as well if anybody wants to give their opinion, someone who maybe had this before.

But what I also want to ask is if pumping/PE causes this?

Or does PE/pumping make it worse ?

I know several members pump balls only as well, they don’t seem to report anything bad, mostly good things like better EQ and stuff.

FWIW, I rarely put anything constrictive around my balls, only loose things and that was last year in order to not pull up either of my balls into the tube, that’s not a problem anymore with the 2,25” tube. Other members mentioned even jelqing their balls and stretching them with their hands, wearing light weights around them. I have done NOTHING of this sort, I only so often pump for longer periods and I have a long turkey neck wich gets pulled eventually inside. But that’s always a good thing wich leads to actually pumping my entire penis the right way, with no ball suction whatsovever and no serious discomfort around my testies ever.

I now read there’s such a thing as epididymitis too…

Don’t get me wrong, I will schedule for a doctor this week, or sometime eventually. But any help would be great, thank you.


Why isn’t anybody answering ?

“Joutel, I had a testicle removed two years ago and of course it had no impact on penis size. And as for the growth in my first month of PE I have grown 1 cm. long and another thick, so on that side you can rest easy. I think the same as Fefo: Ask the doctor for more information (or even consult another doctor).

Cheer up.”
kingkono, spanish member, said this in 2004.
I guess you can’t bring up anything old on the forum because no one will answer.
I found some other stuff on lpsg about varicocele too, but I was more used to this forum and website, it would take me longer to make a thread on another forum and start talking with members who I don’t know and haven’t read their profile posts yet, as opposed to how I know some of the profile posts of the members here.
I guess the thread is closed, I found my answers elsewhere, maybe some mod can delete the thread beacuse the case is closed, I found all the answers possible in the world using tha very functional search button.

Trainspot, bumping threads is against forum guidelines, please do not do so again.

Bumping threads 2 hrs after posting and then asking why no one is answering just 7 hrs after posting shows just a little impatience on your part. Please allow time for members to have an opportunity to log on and read the new posts. Many members do not check in every day, much less every 2 hours.

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Goal: Improved/consistent EQ while managing ED. Secondary: maintain current stats.

You will never be able to diagnose varicocele with pictures. Impossible. That is why you are being told to go see a urologist.

The best way to diagnose for a doctor is by touching your ducts and veins, plus a sperm exam. If your sperm count is low/deformed/dead, is a sign of infertility caused by varicocele.

Again, pictures will not show varicocele, nor the degree of the disease. In a more advanced stage, the side that is more advanced will give you pain and discomfort down that leg. That testicle might atrophy too as a consequence of the blood supply issue.

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Goal: 1 Foot x 7.5 Inches (30.48cm x 19.05cm) NBPEL

Sorry for bumping the thread, I was scared a little.

Thanks Igigi, I will go see a doctor.

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