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Tingling Burning in Left side of Glans and Shaft for 6 Months - ADS Device. help?

Tingling Burning in Left side of Glans and Shaft for 6 Months - ADS Device. help?

Hi All - I can’t post in the injuries section, but would like to move this over there. I have gone to a urologist, who recommended me to a men’s health urologist (?) but told me nothing was wrong and to take ibuprofen. I won’t be seeing the men’s health urologist until a few months because they are super booked out, but thought you all may have some thoughts/common experience.

I am in my mid-twenties, healthy and workout all the time. I was bored at the start of Covid and decided to get back into penis enlargement, I purchased a knock-off phallosan forte to wear while I was working (I know I should’ve just done the jelqing beginner section but didn’t read before buying this thing since I’d remembered using some sort of stretcher). Anyways, when I used the stretching device my glans usually would be super swollen, but then that would dissipate after an hour so I figured it was fine and just from increased bloodflow. Eventually I started getting a pinching sensation right behind the left side of my glans, so I stopped, it seemed to dissipate, and started jelqing and then it happened again. I tried stretching the opposite side thinking it was some sort of imbalance, but it wasn’t getting better so just stopped everything entirely.

I have tried not masturbating for months at a time which doesn’t seem to really make a difference with the pain. I ice and heat it occasionally, but it’s stayed the same probably since October of 2020. I’m hoping this urologist has some thoughts, I’ve seen some mention of nerve blocks.

I also have no issues with erections, my penis just is in pain all the time at this one specific spot. If it were numb I’d be sad, but honestly would prefer that over this burning/tingling sensation I get all the time. It just hurts a lot. Sometimes it feels like there is a pain almost from underneath my left testicle through the left side of the head of my penis, not sure if that means it is some sort of ligament issue?

I’m going to get some B12 to see if that helps at all. Any other suggestions?

Welcome to the forum. It’s a pity you got to us so late.

Describe the pain.

The outline you’ve given us (I’m assuming it’s the noose style type of stretcher) leads me to think in terms of nerve damage which is incredibly slow to resolve but you probably won’t hurt yourself more unless to put your penis in a noose again.

Your description is almost there, just provide a little more detail in terms of the pain, it’s nature, it’s intensity, when it strikes, whether it was a sudden onset. That kind of thing. The more you can round out the picture, the better.

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Sure thing! Thank you for the quick response, I honestly thought this forum was kind of dead. To start - it was not a noose type stretcher, here is a link to it (it’s basically a phallosan forte knock-off):…rue&sha re=web

Basically I believe it first came on when I was wearing this stretcher, as when I put my penis into it (I am uncircumsized) after a while it would get really large like filled with fluid, and I don’t remember it hurting at first, it was kind of alarming but then would seem fine. Then one day I took it off and felt this pinching right at the left glans of my penis - attaching a photo with a red dot where, and yellow lines where I now feel the pain but not as severe as that one point (which has continued to be fairly severe). I took some time off, but since it seemed pretty minor, and I’d had pains before from jelqing/just masturbating too much, assumed it would resolve itself. So I tried having the extender pull to the other side because I thought maybe it was like pinched and I just needed to stretch it more (not very smart I know.). Besides that, BTC stretching I believe made it worse, and jelqing, particularly to one side seems to exacerbate it as well. Masturbation I think can irritate it if I’m masturbating forcefully, but otherwise it seems to hurt when it wants. I definitely feel it more laying down and especially sitting, than I do standing up. Also, it seemed to kind of go away after the first few times, or at least low enough I thought it was healed, and that was over about a month or two period, and then it came back again and has just stayed there.. The pain seemed to be getting better and better and then came back. I didn’t masturbate for most of this June and a week into July, and I think it felt better for some random days it would seem totally normal, but I was also backpacking so it could’ve just been my focus was elsewhere. But then it would come back.

Rating the pain it’s generally a dull ache at the yellow portion of the lines and along my penis, but where my glans are it’s what I’d imagine taking a large paperclip and pinching that section of my glans would feel like. Its sharp and stabby and feels slightly like it’s burning. I try to rub it and put pressure as I do for my other nerve issues (have tricep tendonitis) and I think that makes it worse. I don’t stretch or anything, I try to ice it before showering a few times a week (I’m at home so the privacy is iffy so I don’t always do it).

Also, when I pee, I almost don’t feel the urine coming out on the left side of my urethra to the extent I do on my right. But if I run my fingers along my head, I feel it more on the left side of the head than the right, in like a painful way - right feels much more pleasurable.

I’d say for when it strikes, it’s pretty constant. And it definitely wasn’t a sudden onset.. Like the initial pain was, but I think it gradually got worse from pushing it. Now it just feels like there’s this one tiny spot that is just being pinched 24/7.

Hopefully that helped with describing the pain, happy to go into more detail. Thank you!

Edit: I also have started to feel it a little bit along the part of my testicle sack and then into the section between my anus and penis. Feels like a burning/pins & needles sensation, but still the majority of that pain/feeling is at the tip of my penis.

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Thanks that was pretty thorough.

From your description it sounds like a nerve issue at the red point or somewhere nearby and this pain is being referred further down from the actual source. Also it would be quite normal to lose feeling beyond the point at which the damage has occurred.

It’s possible that you have an active impingement or that you’ve just damaged the nerve . So if it’s an active impingement, hot and cold and massage could potentially improve things. If it’s damage to the nerve, then it’s a time thing. Nerves repair but they are very slow in doing so, think in terms of years to know how much you will recover.

If it’s an active impingement you’ll probably find the pain is nonexistent when you are flaccid and at it’s worst at full erections. Impingement is unnatural pressure on a nerve and the time the penis is pressurized is during erection.

I’d recommend that you go to a urologist to confirm this.

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Thank you for the reply. It seems to hurt more almost when I’m not erect, so that makes me think based off of what you’ve said it’s not an impingement.

Going to another urologist in a few weeks, since the last one said there was nothing wrong and had no advice.

Glad to hear that it can be years for healing, I was starting to assume since it’s been almost 8 months at this point (possibly longer) that it won’t ever heal.

I’ve been trying to ice and heat it recently and also taking B vitamins, but is there anything else you would recommend?


Only to think about other things. Pain is much more obvious when we concentrate on it.

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One point I forgot. Tell your urologist what you’ve been doing and the physical effects it had. It’s not worth being cagey. He needs to know that you’ve been using your penis off-spec :)

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