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A Question For UISHRIKE (re: doubling cum volume)


DAmn what did i miss LOL

Yea Biotest ZMA is good stuff as well as tribex…all biotest puts out is quality

I checked out that humavor, to be honest it doesnt look like much…you’re better off with the ZMA or tribex. or hell even get some clomid….Clomid is supposed to really ICREASE cum volume….anybody try it yet?

true prohormones work, but not like the real stuff. The bioavailability is just too low.

Cyber…you lift weights I take it?


Andro was a pro hormone that claimed to increase testosterone 300% while it actually increased estrogen more. Not a good thing. An ads claim of 80% increase does not mean its true. The ad falls just short of claiming the leaping of tall buildings in a single bound. A study of 12 people is supposed to mean something to me when I cannot see said study and any single study so small is irrelevant. Pro hormones are not steroids. Prohormones are naturally occuring compounds, of little or no biological activity, that the human body can convert to active hormones. For instance androstenedione converts in the body to testosterone. The conversion occurs with the help of certain enzymes. However, since the levels of these enzymes in the body are finite, there are strict limitations to the amount of prohormone that can be activated (the importance of this fact cannot be overemphasized!!) These limitations prevents testosterone levels from being elevated much beyond the natural range seen in young men, despite the dosage taken. So they have limited benefit and only really help those with suppressed testosterone output i.e. aging men, those with naturally low levels, and intense training athletes. Look at the Mr. Olympia competition. Those guys aren’t taking pro hormones, but they are taking something. To a man they are taking steroids. Yes ZMA is beneficial. Athletes who train hard tend to be deficient in these minerals and in turn lower in testosterone. Supplementing them boosts testosterone and helps in bodybuilding gains. Look how many people here claim zinc to be a helpful PE supplement. A pretty good correlation there to helping with testosterone. There are many types of ZMA it is basically zinc and magnesium usually with b6 to help uptake. Anything else can be added including amino acids, but the first three are the most important. Soy protein is the lowest quality protein you can buy for bodybuilding. A biological value of 74 compared to 104 for whey and 100 for whole egg. Soy protein doesnt synthesize well to GSH an important anti oxidant which controls LDL. Rats fed soy protein tended to have higher cholesterol compared to those fed casein. Soy is rich in estrogenic compounds which is again not good for anyone wanting to avoid growing breasts. It also contains compounds that block the uptake of other important nutrients. Soy is also a hippy food. So those who are image conscious shoul avoid .However, I would actually recommend a small amount of soy protein in addition to the whey protein of bodybuilders or those using protein to lose weight. Dieting slows thyroid hormonal output. Soy as Cyber pointed out does stimulate these hormones naturally which is a good thing. These hormones have a good catabolic effect on carbs and fats while leaving proteins alone. Methionine can be added to soy to increase its BV value. Also monkey(closer to humans than rats of course) studies have shown a cholesterol improvement due to the estrogenic compounds without the harm negative estrogenic effect. So soy has some good qualities, but is second to whey for bodybuilders due to the nitrogen retention and anti catabolic effects of whey, but should still be used in moderation or cycled………..I have neither used steroids or pro hormones and would not. I would not recommend them to anyone who does not have a monetary upside to their use for their downsides are frightening. I use multi vitamins, creatine and ribose, whey protein with high glutamine and arginine levels, enhanced soy protein (a natural way to increase the thyroid because I worry about hormonal replacement products for test. and the thyroid which can reduce your natural output), and a zinc magnesium combination……and oh yeah an ECA stack which could explain the impulsive anger I showed …..In my response, Cyber, I specifically made clear I was attacking the ad and was not attacking you so I am unsure why you needed to insult me with the living under the rock comments and soy as a food and of course the caps as a form of yelling. Hopefully the info I provided will show that I am not a complete idiot as you seemed to claim although you can form your own opinion which of course you will. My anger was directed to the money pit which is the supplement industry. They are almost completely unregulated and can make a wide range of claims. Many supplements are just crap even though they claim different. Many companies make inferior quality good supplements. Many good supplements make claims beyond their actual benefits. Yet there are good companies (Biotest being one) and supplements, and I know this by an endless steam of cross referencing not one ad repeated verbatim on a million supplement sites. I hate being ripped off which some in the supplement industry do with impunity and some here in the PE circle could probably attest to happening on some of these PE pay sites. So I apologize if you thought I was insulting you it is just there is little positive info I could find on humanovar from independent sites and only found it in the ad. An ad making incredible claims. A product so good should have had some good reviews for it not just dismissals by those who make their living in the industry. Alright this has been a wasted evening. Damn, I could have been hanging!

skeets im on eca also, but i dont understand why u would use it since it taxes your adrenals! actually i think its the most dangerous supplement ever to hit the market and should be banned, i hope ill never need it again after this bottle! why am i taking it? simple i gained way to much bf over the winter and i panicked with all this nice weather + my lively hood depends on my looks ! ive used ribose and basically it doesnt do enough if anything to warrant its price.humanovar is terrific as i have used it and stand behind it. gave me great wood deep sleep and rock hard pumps! this board is about pe and supplements that can be useful for pe thats what the humanovar is being brought up for , not for bodybuilding purposes!the newer prohormones such as 1ad and 5ad are big time test boosters and are converted into STEROIDS in the body very easily! humanovar and some other supplements stimulate the glands to produce more hormones wich makes a big difference! ive also used prohormones 2 yrs ago and let me tell you i had all the same side effects that i had on low doses of pure testosterone!also you can easily slam your test way up by useing anti aromatiseing supplements combined with the newer prohormones, and yes aromatase supps work!

skeets humanovar is a very cheap supplement at 30 bucks for a month supply on some web sites. at that price you should have tried it before critisizing it!

so in my conclusion humanovar is a good supp for us older guys to add to pe and ive exsperienced bigger loads from it as the article claims!


big black ive been bodybuilding since 12 yrs old! ive had a 300 to 550 lb deadlift for 5 reps, 80 lb dumbell presses to 130 and curling 185 for 5 reps! when prohormones first hit the market. the best at that time were medlean trandermals wich have been banned , in a yr of cycling them my deadlif jumped 200 lbs, at ,but i did start lifting at that time after a 2 yr layoff. at the end of that little stint i was 201 lbs 5’9” at 7% bodyfat done by under water what happened after that? i got bored with it and realized it was pointless so now i try and maitain 185 lbs 5 or 6 % bodyfat!

and yes ive used every supp thats come down the pike!


That's interesting.

Medlean transdermals banned. You sure about that? Still looks as if they are on the market with a few new additions. I think they changed the classification long ago from trasdermal to topical…alot more realistic despite their delivery system hype. I tried them too and thought they sucked, but that’s just me and my chemistry. Nasty effect on the nipples (itching) second time around and I had no intention of waiting for any type of gyno. That was long ago, maybe they’re different now. Or maybe there the same and that’s why Dave tends to market them in pack form along with 1AD. Headquarters awfully close to Dave’s Power Store and I wouldn’t doubt if he has a great deal with Medlean (maybe like ISP, Econosport)…sort of a same guy/different name thing. They just don’t seem to be that great for most folks, good for you if they’re worked. BTW, I just checked…Medlean calls them “sportcremes” now. I doubt they have the funky and illegal looking “medical syringe” included in the packaging, nor the prescription like lableling. That one alone could be good for placebo effect in some folks:) . What an industry. groa

i dont know about the new ones im going back 2 yrs and i used the nor stack wich really kept the gains steady for me over a 2 month period! andro stack did nothing for me or probally anyone else as far as muscle gains but andro did put good wood in my pencil!


I had never heard of humanovar until I read the above discussion and decided to try it. In just 3 weeks I’m seeing an increase in muscle mass, increased libido, and fat loss - just imagine- yesterday a relative commented I was getting thin and my pants were too baggy. What a charge! Plus, my weightlifting is better.

It’s rare to find something that actually works for me as promised, and now that I have, my mind is saying 2 capsules a day are good, what about more?

So I’m asking the opinion of all you who’ve taken it about taking a little more than recommended, and can you take it as recommended continuously for months, or should there be a break.

Also, thanks for mentioning. it.


yes i like it to! i get the same thing as you as far as results. i went up to 3 pills a day and got a dry throat wich the owner of gen told me on the phone would happen but should go away in a week. he says unless your over 200 lbs theres no need to take more and you wont see much better results than taking 2. at 25 to 30 bucks a month this supp is golden in my opinion.

as far as taking it continuously i dont know for sure , but some sites say take it for 30 days and stop for 30! what im doing is taking it 5 days on 2 off indefinitly. this seems to be in vouge, i guess studies show the the body doesnt stop produceing its own hormone with this type of cycling!

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Thanks, Cyber.

I decided two’s enough also.

Will try cycling it. Just remembered that nearly everything I try seems to work for two weeks then quits. So, it’s time to cycle.


Chicken Embryos

Guess what chicken embryos are? They are eggs!

Suppliments are good but they are just that suppliments! You should use them like tools.

Like Tex said anything he takes only works for about two weeks.
Thats because either you dont need it or its only going to take you to a certain health benifit & thats all.

None of the suppliments alone make your dick bigger,make you have more cum, or increase your dick size.
Actually its the exercises or the change in diet or maybe simply applying better health practices that are actually the biggest benifit to you!

The suppliments along with the health routines work synergystically together. Which means you will get the maximum benifit from using them together.

But you cannot get a magic pill that will do a mircle on you while you do nothing but pop a pill & BAM you wake up “THE INCREDIBUL HULK” You still have to phisically do the work & then you will benifit from suppliments also.

But give yourselves a little credit here. You are bigger because you worked for it not because a mircle magic pill came along


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