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Any guys taking pe pills?



thats looks so fake I can’t believe you would even consider buying it (AD 5 INCHES TO YOUR PENIS IN JUST WEEKS!!! LOL!!!


Attention Morons wWth Little Dicks

It is not even a good internet scam. By saying add up to 5 inches in weeks it should only attract those that can’t afford it anyway. If there is anyone out there that stupid, they can’t be making much$$$$$$$,

I have actually been using those prosolution pills and the results have been ok. They are more like a supplement to the pe routine, meaning you get more of a pump during your workouts. I have gained some gnarly girth, almost an inch in two and a half months. Time will tell if that is permanent or not. I can not gain any length though!! So length my new focus and I have purchased the 6 month supply, so I will let you know everything after the 6 months. Take care

I gained an inch in a year and a half using PE pills only with no exercise.

Save your cash, biglo. Buy Male Response at 1/6 the price and several times the ingredient quality if you really have to.

Hi bigken1,

Welcome to the forum. Excuse me for being a little terse but you are bullshitting and here you say you did exercise.

Guys reading this thread, please don’t ask him for the brand, if he’s a shill this is the pattern “I gained X from pills”, then you say “wow what brand were you using” and he say “I use brand X and I manage to get them at 1/2 price here”. Let’s make it difficult. Don’t ask him.

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O wow, thanks for the info memento. So do you supplement pills to your pe routine or just the exercises?

No I think pills are a waste of time. A good diet is way more important. I have a bottle of Male Response, it’s lasted me for about 3 years so far because I only pop one when I’m really not looking after myself.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Has anyone else heard of Male Response? It is a whole lot cheaper than other pills.. But does it work??

Do any pills out there work?? If so, which ones?

Hey ranger, I like how memento suggested those male response pills instead of the prosolution pills that I have been taking. I would suggest the male response only if you really need it. I highly doubt that if you just take the pills you will get any bigger. However, if you take the pills to supplement a workout it could help you stay harder and more full through out your workout, which should help you make some gains. The pills are not absolutely necessary for PE.


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