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Any Tongkat Ali from a trusted seller?



You pose a good question.
The reason that I take the tonkat twice a day is that the effects are cumulative as it stays and builds in the system . Also, I am addicted to the “fluff”. My research into tonkat revealed the term “tonkat penis” which was in reference to experiments with rats that were given high daily doses of the herb and permanent enlargement of their genitals resulted. Unfortunately, the relative doses that would be required for humans would not be tolerated by our systems.

However, tonkat does produce a unique fluff. Not a semi like cialis, but a kind of darker, swollen, heavier look and feel, the testicles are a bit larger and feel heavier, at least in my experience.

I agree with what someone else mentioned about mental clarity while taking tonkat. Also, the point about being more attentive to ones mate and an increase in their perceived attractiveness seems to be true.

There are many herbs and pharmaceuticals that will do what they are purported to do, when we manage the doses and cycles correctly for our individual physiology, as you may know. I have had positive results with almost all that I have experimented with, and wouldn’t have any problem championing any of them in a debate of which is best. Tonkat just happens to be my favorite…so far!

Best Wishes

Thanks for clarifying the cumulative build up with TA, I assumed that would be the case but need to know for sure. I too read about the size increase with rodent genitals but I did not remember that the increase was a permanent thing for humans. Perhaps we should all stop PE and just take TA (kidding). I have no experience with any other ED drug than Levitra and I have not recognized any fluff or temporary bloating, it only helps blood flow into the CC.

Since I’ve been clamping my penis has become very dark with discoloration so if the TA causes further darkness I may have to visit a tanning booth to compensate the look; either that or tell people my wife decided to color my penis with a permanent marker while I was asleep. My PE consists of hanging and clamping and neither is necessary for my ED recovery. When I started PE back in March it was all manual and specifically motivated to rid myself of ED. It certainly provided the ability to get nocturnal and morning wood where it did not exist before. It also causes the Levitra to work better but I still can’t get erect without some type of assistance. So my decision to just hang and clamp was motivated to simplify PE in general and combine the LOT theory and the TGC theory. My BPFSL was over .5 compared with my NBPFL, so girth (primary) is best done by clamping and length (secondary) is best done by hanging.

Concerning the attractiveness increase with ones mate, do you think that TA enhances our perception of female pheromones and that’s a possible reason for the desirability or is it just an acute horniness on our part induced by the TA?

I forgot to mention that most medications and supplements have no effect at all in my body. In most situations I have to dbl or trpl dose to recognize any effects. The only drug that works at suggested dosage is Aspirin.


I just found this outstanding article about Male Hormones Restoration at Life Extension (www.; it’s the best I’ve found. Excellent read from qualified medical professionals, especially the section ‘Natural Approaches to Boost Testosterone and Suppress Estrogen.’ It lists quite a few supplements and provides descriptive benefits. It’s kind of long but thick with documented information. Don’t forget to click the ‘continue’ button on the bottom of the 1st page, there’s more information on Male Hormone Restoration Safety Caveats.

This article answers every question I’ve come up with and all the others I’ve read on the PE sites I frequent; very well done and well documented.

Vitamins and Supplements Rooted in Science - Life Extension


Originally Posted by xtremecork
Good read. Thanks for the link. Check out the links that I posted on another thread on TA. They are also very informative.

Combining Tongkat Ali and Damiana. Good or bad idea?

Thanks for the link. Since I’m new to the supplement world this is the first I’ve heard of Damiana. I’ll need to study up on it.

I’m on day 6 of my TA introduction (1:200 @ 300mg) twice daily; 8am & 8pm. I don’t recognize anything yet. I’m also taking Hawthorne berry, Cayenne Fruit & Boron. Do you know if any of these other supplements will diminish the function(s) of TA?


Is this shop http://newlifea … still working ? Someno bought TA from there recently ?

I used to buy from this site but now there is no contact on mails with owner.


I think you should double the dosage to 600mg morning and 600mg afternoon. Some of these sellers might be adding root fillers, you never know. TA is a very highly soughed herb and that is why it’s expensive.

Thanks xtremecork,
Yesterday I was unusually lethargic, so much so that I suspected the TA was the culprit. I decided not to take my second dose and spend some time checking up on overdose side effects. I found nothing that supported my symptoms, so I forgot about it and went to bed. This morning I still feel like I could sleep another 6-8 hrs.

Anyway, I will remain cautious with my dosing until I recognize something related to what I should be feeling. The instructions I received from the seller and most of what I’ve read online tells me to go into this slowly, be patient and start with small amounts. I’m wondering if 600mg in a 24hr. Period is too much. This is day 7 and nothing noticeable yet.


Also, to produce Testosterone the body needs to have effective quantaties of hormone precursors - normally cholesterol.. Try supplementing with DHEA or Pregenolone if you believe you may be deficient..

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

kingfish: Your seller’s prices are unbelievable. I used to order from and yours is exactly half of that. I wonder if it is credible. What is your experience?

I have ordered, as well, very satisfied.

I’ve bought TA from Barlowe’s, which is also listed as an authorized reseller, and recognized as legit. Barlowe used to order the bulk TA and put it in capsules in his operation. But reading on his site, he now offers this product already encapsulated by the manufacturer, and says it’s now cheaper to buy it that way than in bulk. My guess is that this is a way to ensure that genuine product is being delivered. Apparently, a lot of stuff offered out on the net is bogus, or is diluted with fillers.

That said, I must admit that I didn’t see any noticeable results from the 200:1, and don’t take it anymore. Actually, I’ve tried a lot of things with no results. The only exception was the first time I took DAA. But after cycling off, then starting back up again, it didn’t work anymore. But, you know, I’m an old guy, so maybe I’m expecting too much.

Tongkat ali

Hi just read your post, I live part time in malaysia where I have a small business, I just looked at the link provided and I have a very good source at about 25 percent cheaper than quoted on that site- the draw backs are post is not included, and it comes in 100g freeze dried bags,(costing approx 70 uk pounds) so you have to work out your own way to take it. I actually get it though a friend, its easy enough to put in gell caps. You can email me for any more info..


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