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Arginine and Cold Sores

Arginine and Cold Sores

Does anyone have any experiences where they never had cold sores and upon taking L-Arginine developed them after a week or so?

I’ve not had that experience, but the herpes virus family thrives on L-Arginine. Try taking some L-Lysine to calm them down. Lysine is an antagonistic path to arginine.

Arginine can exacerbate a number of low level infections; but, it must be present in some amount in your body to start with. When I dose heavy on it I have flair ups of eczema on my lower legs. I now dose with Lysine when I wake up in the night then do the Arginine first thing when I get up and am a happy camper.

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The thing is, apparently herpes HSV1 or 2 is dormant in a ton of people, or some can’t catch it, etc etc and I’m wondering why that is. I’m thinking if you took someone who was naturally dormant and pumped them with a ton of Arginine if they would continually show the virus then.

I wonder… if you have HSV1 and don’t show signs, if you can get HSV2 and not show signs.

So many questions… so little available knowledge :(

I wonder if it expresses visibly when the vaccine is preformed?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

When I use L-A I take it in the early morning and in the evening atleast 45 minutes before eating anything.
I get a cold sore from supplementing L-A for a few weeks depending on the dosage.
1 or 2 grams of L-A in the morning, 500mg to 1000mg of L-Lysine in the noon 45 minutes before lunch and 1 or 2 grams of L-A in the evening seem to reduce the chances of catching a cold sore or atleast delay it.
With proper cycling of this protocol, I have been able to fight HSV-1 (if one or two cold sore means HSV-1).

Hope this helps.

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