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Cabergoline, cabaser, dostinex etc.

Cabergoline, cabaser, dostinex etc.


Is there anyone in the UK who currently has a few of these lying around who would sell me ONE pill so I can try it out before shelling out for the years supply that most sites offer at present?

PM me if you can assist..

Thanks guys

I don’t think one pill is going to help all that much unless it’s a 4mg that you could break into pieces. Go for it bro and order it I did and believe me I can’t afford it right now.

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$115 for a year, (shipping included), is very reasonable for any thing now a days. That is also way cheaper than anywhere else on the web selling it so thanks to our member for the link.

I am in the same boat as Dino on this one.

Edit: on the off chance that you get some and it actually does not work for you, you could sell off the three other pills to guys here.

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Hhmmm true

Whats the link then guys?


Dino or anyone else that has tried dostinex,

Is one dose enough to reduce the refractory period. I want to use it to have great sex, with multiple orgasms for me and my wife, but I don’t want to take it regularly. Is this possible?

Doubt it possible figaro but only guessing. I take 0.5mg every third day and it works well for increased wood. Half life is 69 hours which is why I settled on the frelquency.

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