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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

That’s a chance you take. There is obviously no oversight, unknown quality control, and no garantee that it’s what they say it is. That’s why we discuss our experience with them on these sites. I thinks some of these are merely a guy in his basement mixing/bottling bulk powder from an overseas lab and labeling bottles and I’m OK with that.
My personal experiece with two places is that they are decent products.
Also, I see it as just as risky (actually less) than ordering generic pills from India or China.

That disclamer is for legal reasons. It’s illegal to sell these drugs but once you label them as research chemicals they are no longer considered drugs or suppliments and it’s legal. They can get away with it until/if the DEA decides that they are marketing them as drugs.
They are defiantly indented for human consumption despite being labled that way.
Also Purchase Peptides and Progren Peptides both actively promote sales on their twitter feeds and email lists.

Cialis is a 20mg pill for $49.
These sites sell 900mg for $20.
Do the math. It’s well worth it as long as they’re good.
So far so good.

Edit. It seems as if (at least for the ED drugs) that they get the drug in bulk powder and bottle them with ethyl alcohol and water.

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Very interesting WhiteNoise - thanks for your response to my question. It would seem then the product should be safe on an ongoing basis given these two companies want to make money and need good publicity and a consistently good product will keep then in business.

Not interested in the products from India or China at this point and agreed, the US companies are much less a risk in my thinking.

Gram for gram do you feel the Purchase Peptides product is equal to the name brand?

Thanks - zy

Agreed. Reputation dies keep them in business. All of their business is litterally word of mouth or forums like this.

I have some real brand name Cialis (so I know how well it works.)
Purchase Peptides’s tafalafil works identically to it with the same mg dose.
Just FYI: Tadarise (not Tadalista) (pills you get from some sites like ) has also worked just as well mg for mg. They’re cheap too but a little less convenient to order.

Thanks again - I appreciate it!

Anyone ever try ?
Right now they’re doing a BoGo sale. For example Tadalafil 30 mg $24.99
It’s basically $35 for two with shipping with the Buy one Get one.

Not a lot of products on the list and there’s no review for them on https://www.ero …
It’s a good deal and I’m tempted to try it, but I already have enough to last a while.

Purchase peptides low quality or bad luck

Hi WhiteNoise309 it looks that you got good experience with purchase peptides ,I ordered TADALAFIL, VARDENAFIL LIQUID from them , very quick to deliver about 5 days , so I try it the first time 30 mg of tadalafil , I’m not going to say that I did not feel anything but it wasn’t what I was expecting ,I got the real Cialis and the generic from India before , well 30 mgs is about 50% more of the maximum dosage of the real deal which is 20mg , I was able to have erections but not really firm , next day I took 45mg of tadalafil from purchase peptides , the erections where more spontaneous but still no hard erections , but the side effects where on the bad side , first the freaking headache I was bad like when you get your first hungover after a wild night , headache last for 4 days and some body pain , the effects of the tadalafil last for 3 to 4 days ,now I understand that for 20 bucks you are not going to get same quality even that some guys here are saying that purchase peptides quality is gram for gram , I spent several days reading the reviews from you guys about who got the best reputation , and that’s why I’m wondering if I got a under dose bottle or something that already lost potency due that that raw powder has the tendency to loost power once is mixed with liquid and is stored for a while . Any opinions or sugestions ?

I really hate it when people have bad or inconclusive experiences with places I’ve had a good experience with. I feel like it undermines my testimony, wastes people’s money, and makes me second guess my experiences.
I don’t know enough about these drugs, but it was my understanding that if you get side effects, then the drug is working. Is it possible it can cause side effects when it has lost all potency for inhibiting PED5? The way (I think) I know the med is taking is because of the side effect. I don’t really know if it’s working until I’m actually getting aroused with a woman before and during trying to have sex and experience the difference. As you know, ED drugs aren’t supposed to do anything until you’re getting turned on hence the side effects tell you it’s doing something.
With tadalafil in particular, I will get easy or somewhat spontaneous erections 24-36 hours after taking it as the stuff hangs out in my system and with that drug there seems to be a delayed effect where it works best in that time frame so that’s another way I know it works. I try to take it 3-6 hours when possible before for best results.
But now you have me wondering if it’s partly placebo. The last time I took it was last Thursday and it was about 15-17mg which is normally on the higher side of my tolerance before side effects really bother me. I didn’t notice strong side effects and I didn’t seem as hard as I normally had been. But tadalafil was never one to make me super hard like the other ED meds do, it just made me get it up easier and stay hard longer. I wonder if the drug has lost potency because the bottle is about 3 months old now, or is it just in my head? I have been told that drugs lose potency faster in liquid form than in solid/pill form but how fast is an unknown. That being said, even my side effects were pretty minor which was only a mild headache and that could have been caused by 100 different things.

I have real cialis and generic (tadarise,) both work equally well. I haven’t taken them in months for comparison.

I guess next two times I’m going to try cialis, tadarise, then my PP liquid tadalafil and compare effects.

One thing I’ve been doing is taking about 2g of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline around the time I take my ED meds. Those just help with nitric oxide production and this seems to help the effects of ED meds. Perhaps the supplementation is helping overcome a deficiency of nitrates. So the ED meds inhibit PDE5 keeping blood vessels relaxed while the NO helps make the erection.

I know other people have used purchasepeptide before and had a good experience which is why I tried it. Over at there’s a thread on “sex pills” and that’s where I learned about them.

45mg a day after taking 15mg should beyond more than enough. Heck, I accidentally took 40mg of tadarise once and man I had some strong side effects for a couple of days (back pain and headache mostly.)
You have me second guessing “gram for gram” only because I suspect some loss of potency. I guess if someone is used to taking 10mg of cialis I would say up it to 15-20 just to be safe (and because it’s cheap,) but I wouldn’t expect anyone to have to take 3X to 4X. I maintain that it still seems to work for me.

My bottles are white with a lot of foam on top after shaking it. You did shake it, I hope. I shake it up well then draw a dose into a syringe (without needle) or pipette from the bottom of the bottle.
It’s possible you got under-dosed. Recently I opened a new bottle of avanafil from progenpeptide and noticed it was significantly under-dosed (like 1/3 the amount it should have.) I wouldn’t have known that had I not had several other bottles from them. In that case I extracted the liquid and added the crystal/powder to another bottle and chalked it up to a mistake.

Just to make sure, I’m going to take cialis next time because that’s my baseline. I don’t want to be recommending something that isn’t good.

I believe I forgot the basics

I totally forgot one of the basics on medications , every human body reacts different to medications and each manufacturer may have a bit of different contents , WhiteNoise it wasn’t my intention to undermine your testimony , I was so focused on the bad side effects of tadalafil that I totally ignored my experience with VARDENAFIL from PURCHASE PEPTIDES , GUYS IT WAS GREEEEAAATTTT !! Hard and firm erections and I can go forever , I took 20mg the first night and NOTHING , then reading some reviews I found a guy who got same experience , he tried 50 Mg’s next time and it worked , and that’s what I did .50 Mg’s , my wife was in heaven , and lasted for good 12 hours .Now we have to be honest : YOU CAN NOT EXPECT TO GET SAME RESULTS THAN THE REAL DEAL(TALKING ABOUT DOSAGE) for 22 bucks when the real Cialis cost almost $1,500 dollars for 30 pills of 20Mg’s , I believe we have to adjust the dosage upon our needs ,bodies and tolerance to the medication , the advantage of this source ?? Is freaking affordable and it works just find the right dosage and the right medications .Thanks for sharing all the info guys .

I didn’t mean to say you were undermining me. What I meant is that I just feel bad when I recommend something to someone that they end up having a bad experience with. Like when your friends asks you to recommend a product, you swear by one brand/model, they get it, and have nothing but problems with it.

You took 75mg of PP’s tadalafil in 24 hours and had very limited results when you say that cialis and generic pills work just fine at 10mg-20mg. That’s a pretty sever overdose. Even at reduced potency that much of PP’s tadalafil should work, especially if you’re getting severe side effects. (AFIAK) The side effects indicate that the potency is not severely diminished. The drug is causing those side effects so you have the drug in you.
I agree that cheaper liquids may be under-dosed or less potent to the brand name counterparts, though that has not been my experience to a significant degree. I (and you) will put up with that as long as it works because it’s just cheap. Nearly pure tadalafil powder is pretty cheap in bulk which is why these “labs” can offer it so cheaply. I’m considering getting some to make my own capsules or liquids except I just don’t need that much of it.

I think what’s more likely is that at times, some ED drugs work better on us than others. Even just what you’ve been eating or drinking at the time can affect performance. I’ve even stacked two different ED drugs at once just to hedge my bet and get combined unique effects of both.

The purpose of us sharing our experiences is so we can figure out the consistency of these suppliers so I appreciate yours and all feedback. It becomes another data point to consider in the overall picture. Also, I have some vardenafil from PP and I have yet to try it. Maybe I’ll give it a shot next time.

Raw tadalafil from life vest

I got it after 2 and 1/2 weeks since I ordered , 50 grams for 70 bucks ,give me a few days and I will try it ,I think I will be doing it simple just measure the amount desired and put it in a slice of bread and swallowed , no time to make my own capsules right now , I’m working too much overtime so no time or patience to do it at least for now , but I do it during the weekend and let you know.

I actually went ahead and ordered 30g (no idea what to do with that much) for $42 (“Honsety Shop” LOL.) I’ll probably just try making small bottles with liquor. The more I read, there is little likelihood over loss of potency. I may experiment with ways to take it straight.

Card breached

I feel an obligation to pass on this info about a recent purchase (8/30/15) from Although they did send me the product in a timely manner, there was an almost immediate use of my credit card in China for the purchase of “shoes”. Master card called me, and sent me a new card.

I can’t say that someone at the company gave away my card number, it does look suspicious.

Anyone else have a similar problem with

Originally Posted by HardHarry
Let me know how it turns out.

I got the sildenafil from Shop Home - Madison James Research Chems
The communication during shipping wasn’t the best but they did communicate and it arrived in a timely fashion. I’ve found good results with 50mg - spontaneous and sustained erections, minimal side effects (though higher doses gave me headaches).

I’ve also had good luck with Progen Peptides for avanafil (nice for the very short time to effect). I’ve just ordered more from them, I wish it weren’t a liquid since that makes it annoying to have to bring with me places. The nice thing about them is they send discount codes constantly. The code THANKYOU gets 40% off and the code LIMITED gets 46% off. I’ve just placed a new order with them.

If I could find a powder source for avanafil I’d be happy but for now this works.

I’ve been on the hunt for avanafil in solid form too (powder or pills.) So far everything I’ve found is very expensive.

I see companies selling raw powder on Alibaba but I’d have to contact them for pricing info and I have no idea what quantities they sell yet.

I took some Loratadine after taking Tadanifil and it helped with the stuffy nose right away.

Have had great experiences with Purchase Peptides and ADC :)


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