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V powder? Where did you order from mravg??

Now the powder v is a bit different than mixing tadalafil! I mixed some powdered v/sildenafil with PGA/Everclear and it “did not” mix well at all. I had a post ?? somewhere , it shows the mix for powder v. I’ll try to find it. I think its mixed with ?/ I’ll look and post it.

And I haven’t tried the vardenafil yet either…waiting now for my order to come. It’s in the states now/customs.

Powdered V from Kitsnmore. If you have a suggestion for the best solvent (or more correctly, suspension liquid), please let me know.

My plan right now is to use an empty 50 ml vial from the Kitsnmore liquid C, put a gram of powdered V in it, and fill it up with tequila, to make 20 mg/ml solution. That way, I can see how it works without risking all my powder, and I figure a weaker suspension is probably better. A good dose would probably be 2 or maybe even 3 ml.

Horny Bastard

mravg: recipe on making liquid viagra

2.5g viagra powder
9.5 glycerin
19ml PG (Propylene Glycol)
19ml PGA/everclear or highest alcohol content Tequila

you can scale down to your 1gram v

Complicated man! Why is it necessary to use all that? What happens if you just mix the powder with some 80 proof alcohol? Does it clump up or what?

Any suggestions of where to get the PG and Glycerin? ( I should have added it to my kitsnmore order!).

Did you find this recipe somewhere, or is this a result of your personal experimentation?

It seems that to make a suspension, you wouldn’t need any fancy recipe, just a carrier liquid in which the powder is insoluble.

Have you tried using an oil like safflower oil?

What are your thoughts on this?

I appreciate your help webslave.

Horny Bastard

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mravg: the links to making liq v

I have in the past crushed a 100mg viagra tab almost to talcum consistency and added PGA/EverClear to it.
It turned into an odd jelly/putty stuff! lol It settled at the bottom of the vial. It didn’t mix at all but I didn’t
use no heat. When I get some more EverClear I’ll re-do the little experiment. This time with a little jello.

Maybe pass on the PGA and just use a distilled water with the jello.

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From the kits site:

Universal Powder Kit

4 - Clear Vials
*Safflower Oil, USP Grade
*Sterile Empty Vial
*Empty Vial with Stopper
*Dissolving Solution
1 - Whatman Syringe Filter
*0.45um Sterile & Sealed
2 - Terumo Push Tubes, Luer Lock
2 - Monoject 18g 1 1/2 ” Needle
1 - B&D 25g 1 1/2” Needle

Produces 50ml at 200mg/ml

I am not sure what all of the other stuff is for, but it seems that their liquid products have the consistency of the safflower oil. The links from above posted by webslave look to be for injectables, I may be wrong. Is the dissolving solution the alcohol? Is that what you are using the everclear for? It appears that the syringes are not needed, unless you would want to use them for oral dose measurement.


I’d be careful of using a completely alcohol base liquid, because it has such a low evaporation point. Over time, your dosage will increase because of less liquid to powder ratio.

If you are going to use propylene glycol, Why? As a preservative? Or is it the dissolving liquid.

Good stuff webslave. It looks like Candle25 on that BB forum has done his homework.

I haven’t looked for Glycerin or PEG yet, but I have a feeling that finding it will be the problem.

I wonder about those powder kits that kitsnmore sells. They sell so many different powders it doesn’t seem like the same kit would work for all of them. If it is true, then I guess you could make a V solution using safflower oil and whatever the dissolving solution is. I wish they said what the dissolving solution is.

I’m not sure about using water/jello unles you are going to use it right away. I would be afraid of bacterial growth. A little alcohol would prevent that.

Horny Bastard

mravg: If you have the powder yet or a tab of viagra, try crushing it and them add to whatever medium you want to use/test it. For me in alcohol it formed a putty type texture/ maybe the impurities from making into pill form caused that.

Perhaps just some distilled sterile water for making a suspension. The pill will be difficult to get to a powder.

I have googled looking for more variations to making liquid viagra…with not much luck.

I’m curious to see how you work it out.

The powder tadalafil was a bit easier as it went well with the PGA/everclear and water.

Will update you if I find anything worth posting.

mravg: why do you want to bring V in a liquid form ?

I will have 5 grams of powder. I will probably divide some up and put it in capsules, but I was thinking that taking a gram or two and making a liquid would be simple and convenient. It is easier to weigh out a gram and put it into a vial with a liquid, than to figure out how to measure 50mg and then transfer it to a capsule. That was my thought anyway, but now the liquid is sounding more complicated.

Horny Bastard

Hey mravg: 5 grams!!! How you going divide it ?

test a little, 1/8 tsp. in some very warm/not quite boiling water. Shake the hell outta it and let it settle. You’ll probably be satisfied with the results from just the water. Hell with the PEG and gelatin.

I tested a half tab in very warm/near boiling distilled sterile water after crushing it to a powder and it went well although I couldn’t get the blue coating off so its impure but will take it next time I need viagra.
Since you have pure powder, it should work well.

Thanks for the advice. Candle25 from the BB forum mentioned the results vary a lot depending on the purity of the powder. I would guess that crushing a tab has much more impurity than the powder (binders, stabilizers etc and also the outer coating).

I’m not sure what my plan is now. I searched for recipes for making liquid Viagra but all I learned is that it is a blend of Red Bull and schnapps. :D

Horny Bastard

The liquid Vardenafil (Levitra) from kitsnmore is a perfectly clear colorless liquid with no sediment at all!

Horny Bastard

I’ll be trying mine (pill form from Elitenetpharm) out in a day or two…let us know how it works for you mravg?

The liquid L tastes horrible. I kind of like the liquid C, but liquid L is much worse. It tastes like a bitter aspirin with some dead squirrel mixed in.

I took .4ml this morning (12mg). It gave me a hard dick, and I felt no side effects. I was expecting a little headache or stuffy nose, but got none of that.

I think it is too early to say how it compares to V or C, but I will kep testing.

The liquid is definitely different than the C liquid. I think it is an oil for the L.

Horny Bastard


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