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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

CONCERNING ELITENETPHARMACY: Thanks Webslave. They are going to replace my order since I got some of the tadalafil from one of their non regular suppliers. They are also giving me a discount on my next order because of the inconvenience. Thanks Web for all the help you are to men on this website. Your homepage also has been very helpful to me in navigating through age related e.d.

> Inquiry:
> When you re-stock the powder tadalafil, will I have to request it rather
> Than you having it up on your site ?
> Thanks for all the prior information

It will be added once it is back in stock - probably in around 4 days so
Long as customs don’t stop it.



Originally Posted by webslave
I’d like to buy the liquid L/vardenafil but wouldn’t think of buying at kits right now!!
I’d also like to try out the powder tadalafil at airsealed but just don’t like the Western Union thingy!! Anyone tried that route ?

Yes, used Western Union a couple times with no problem. Now I have an account with them. This was for AirSealedMarketing.

First time, I had to go through a lot of security hoops to send money out of the country because of all the scams that used that method.

webslave you are an asset to Thunder's. :up:

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Another report on elitenetpharm.

I just received my second order—in under a week! I note with amusement that on the customs declaration elitenet had hand written: “cosmetics.” Hmmm.

Having tried their generic V a few times now, I find it good.

In additon to the V. I also ordered some generic cialis 20mg tabs and they work well for me. Of particular note: I get NO LEG PAINS, which plagued me with the liquid C form Kitnsmore.


Nov 2006 bpel: 7.88 eg: 5.19

Mar 2007 bpel: 8.25 eg 5.38

Shooting for 9 x 6 Ddog.

Ddogusterion, I plan on ordering from them soon (after the holidaze) too. I see they have the tadalafil powder back in stock as that’s what I’ll be ordering, same price, $51.00 including shipping for the 2 grams. (Good deal).

The two grams will last me over 4-5 months, (66x30mg doses every 2-3 days).

I’ve ordered the cialis tabs from them prior but didn’t see results as from the liquid/powder mix.

The last time I experienced any negative sides was when I took a whole tab of vardenafil/Levitra from ALLDAY, and didn’t notice good effects but goes good 1/2 tab as an additive to my liq. Tadalafil.

Yeah Web…

They’ve been super prompt with me. No negative issues. I like ordering at Christmas because there’s so much parcel traffic there is less chance that customs will be able to scruitinize my… “cosmetics.”


Nov 2006 bpel: 7.88 eg: 5.19

Mar 2007 bpel: 8.25 eg 5.38

Shooting for 9 x 6 Ddog.

If any of you guys order from alldaychemist just don’t use your regular email because ever since I ordered from them my spam has went through the roof. It may not be them but it started right after I ordered I even got a credit card scam thing where they try to fake you into giving information. I would order from them again because of the price but only with a pre-paid card and a junk email.

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Hey Dino, I’ve ordered from them ? At least 5 times with no problem. Maybe it’s something that has just started with them.

I’ll be cautious next order, thanks.

I’ve had the same problem with the spam. No credit card scams as yet, but loads of ads for E.D. Meds, from all over the world.

Thats new to me!

Maybe I’ll write/email them and mention that! That it appears as if AllDayChemist is selling their customers email address’es to spammers!

I’ll be ordering from them sooner than I do Elitenet as I get all my “other” meds from allday.

KT88 and ddog

My first experience with these drugs was liquid C from elitenet at around 10 mg every 72 hrs for three cycles, and my left shoulder became so inflamed I couldn’t touch it or move it for two days. Now it could have been from the gym, but once you have that much pain, it makes you pretty reluctant to try it again.

So I broke a sample of Cialis from my doctor in half and the results were great—no pain, worked like a charm (great flaccid, too). Now my question is: are the generic pills free from these side effects for all of you?

Start: 5/3/05 BPFL: 5.00" FG: 3.75" BPEL: 6.25" EG: 4.75" BPFSL: 7.00"

6/21/06 6.00 4.65 8.25" 5.50" 8.80"

9/21/07 6.25" 4.75" 8.25" 5.65" 9.20"

Just reread dddogs post and it sounds like they work fine. Time to order.

Start: 5/3/05 BPFL: 5.00" FG: 3.75" BPEL: 6.25" EG: 4.75" BPFSL: 7.00"

6/21/06 6.00 4.65 8.25" 5.50" 8.80"

9/21/07 6.25" 4.75" 8.25" 5.65" 9.20"

Originally Posted by webslave
The two grams will last me over 4-5 months, (66x30mg doses every 2-3 days).

Hey, Webslave,

How do you measure the powder? I bought powder from Elitenet as well but it sure looked like a lot less than I was expecting. I based that on the size of a 100mg tab of sildenafil and trying to visually estimate. Seems like when I tried a sample of the powder, however, it was more effective than I anticipated, so maybe 100mg is less powder than expected.

Anyway, how do you measure it?

Hey trainr;

I ordered the 2 grams. Wasn’t that hard to divide into 2 parts. Just cut into halves.
Basically I just eyeballed the amount and cut in half, leveling it out on a pharmacy pill counter, anything flat.
If you ordered more than the 2 grams, I would suggest a scale.
At miligram to miligram/ 2000ml = 2 gram. Half that is 1000mg=1 gram!
A normal dose of tadalafil/cialis is 20 mg / 20mg dose x 100 doses = 2000mg/2 grams.
You should have 100 doses of 20mg tadalafil powder there.


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