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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

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Originally Posted by psychojitsu

Yea, thanks pshychojitsu;

Their prices are pretty ridiculous as I’ve heard their liq c is bad.

Originally Posted by icatt
The tadalafil from aquachem works great. The same as the stuff I got from Kits n more. I think I finally found a another holy grail. Whoever is looking for liquid cialis.. Or tadalafil.. Order from Aquachem.. The potency is awesome. My erection was so hard I thought it was going to blast into space.

Good for you icatt! Glad it works for you.

Look at the new scam that I’ve find in my spambox

It’s really pathetic

Vitamin E 20 IU
Soya protein concentrate 250 mg

Mucuna pruriens 75 mg
Asteracantha longifolia 75 mg
Pueraria tuberosa 75 mg
Withania somnifera 50 mg
Tribulus terrestris 50 mg
Albizzia lebbeck 50 mg

Argyrerin speciosa seed 100 mg
Valeriana wallichii 25 mg

Good for a good snooz not for a big tool

I sent an order in to Alldaychemist ED meds, just stuff for the wife and I. Will let you know how long it’s takes to get into my hands. Heard they have gotten better, faster on getting the orders out of India.

I ordered manly from Alldaychemist a week ago. Seems things are going as planned. Great email communications. I have a tracking number.

Shipping is $25. I ordered 500 100mg pills.

Originally Posted by GiantScale
I ordered manly from Alldaychemist a week ago. Seems things are going as planned. Great email communications. I have a tracking number.

Shipping is $25. I ordered 500 100mg pills.

GiantScale, that certainly should last you awhile !! If you will, update us on the quality of the latest Manly when you try it!

Hey Y’all,

So I ordered some Tadalafil and some Sildenafil from Alldaychemist on the 22nd of December. My order hasn’t been shipped, and my card hasn’t been charged yet. They seem to be good at keeping contact through email, and they assured me that my shipment will be sent off soon. I just wanted to post an update on this, and I hope the shipment is sent off soon.



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Jb, I ordered a couple days after you,,,nothing yet.

I’m figuring they are on holiday over there. It mentions 2-3 business days to get the $$ out of our accounts. Then a couple days to fill the order and get it in the mail. Once it gets out of India,,,things speed up. My last order went this way, and the package seemed to bypass customs, as the mail thingy they have, mentioned in the states,,,then it was at my door.

Originally Posted by webslave
Your not the only one that has mentioned the varying quality of their powder. As for UK suppliers, I’m at a loss.
I know elitenet, but not for the UK. Aquachem but not sure if they mail to the them and ask.

Thank you for your feedback Webslave, well I wrote them a lengthy letter to explain to them my experiences and what I thought. In all honesty that last batch did not work…at most it merely induced headache owing to my “overdosing” as I was trying to see if upping dose would actually get it to work. They have replied to me and have been very helpful and have heard my concerns and have followed through with a voucher, I will use it to order another batch when its next available and we will see how things unfold then. Thank you to you Webslave and others who have contributed to this thread.

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Phenyo, glad things worked out for you!

My card hasnt been charged either.

I recieved a email stating two packages will be sent. Thats above and beyond what I expected.

Give them some time. Im sure they will ship.

Yes, I’m somewhat familiar with their routine shipping. I’m not being impatient. Plus it being the holidays.

The two boxes lol,,,as I was just earlier thinking how tightly they pack their stuff ! Just couldn’t see them getting 25 Manly packs of 20ct into one box LOL.

Got my package today! 10 days total from the day I ordered and 3-4 of those days were Sundays or a holiday! Excellent speed in shipping from allday!

I was just this morning trailing it via USPS,,,”said it was still in New York” 30mins later, at my door.

Just got my manly viagra from ADC. My concern is the dates printed on the blister pack. It says something about 2007. And then says below that…

B.No.8T-196 M/D Nov.08 E/D Oct 11

But no year on the E/D expiration date. Are my new manly’s old and expired webslave?


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