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cum load

cum load

hi, im new to the forum buth ive been reading with great interest what everyone has to say on this subject. after my snip job and @54 yoa, my cum is often thick and gel like. it doesn’t want to shoot like it use to. can someone give me some advice on what to take and how much. thanks, nala


Hi nala eyek,
Getting snipped shouldn’t have much affect since only about 2% of the ejaculate volume originates down there. You might try Pygeum since it’s reported to increase prostatic fluids, especially for those with diminished production. Other prostate “friendly” herbs like Saw Palmetto might also help.

Welcome to the board!

cum load

thank you very much for the advice and the welcome, i appreciate it. i will give it a try. nala


drink lotsa water!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I hate to bring up the obvious but at 54 (I’m 52), it is inevitable.

My volume is half what it used to be and I don’t hit the headboard
like I used to. I can “fly” in the air occasionally when very turned

Kegels and “practice” witholding helps, as do the supplements
suggested. Like everyting, supps do better for some than others.


you’re right…guess that’s something you really don’t want to think about when it cums to your load (and sex in general). can’t give up though, the wood is still there as strong (almost) as ever and it seems that sex is on my mind more now than ever. for once in my life, i’d like to rearrange the old ladies kidneys after 28 years with a big one. i will die trying… started taking the supplements today so i will see what happens. thanks to all advice. this is a great forum for men and i appreciate any and all advice.

one more question. i purchased the power jelque and have been using for 3 weeks on and off. im not sure if i am doing it correctly. i clamp down near the pubic bone and pull forward slowly, however; the skin pulls along with the rollers (actually do not roll) and i have to unclamp then go back to the pubic bone and pull again. are you supposed to roll it up and down or am i doing it correctly. do you use lub with it? i’m flying by the seat of my pants here so any advice would be appreciated. nala


L-arginine works pretty good.

Try saw palmetto, yohimba bark, vitamin E, and e-stimming. In combination they really increase the volume.

Vahard and Arginmax work great for me. They can be bought at Eckerds or Walgreens.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

You’re using the power jelq correctly. Try some lube. I like Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel, though it’s hard to wash off.


I know the statistics… but I have been told by two females that guys that are fixed (like me) it is noticibly thicker than non fixed (broken?) anyway just another .02 to add to the convo.

The Pj works great in the hottub without lube. The rollers are not suposed to actually roll, but lock, but be careful putting too much tenson on the dorsal side or your dick. Too much pressure on the dorsal nerve and vein is a bad thing. Manual jelqs work the tunacia better but the Pj does make the job easier on the hands. I think the only reason people have results from the Pj is they JelQ more because it is easy.


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