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Do any of you smoke marijuana? (pe related)


L born,

Last year I took ephedrine(ECA(Ephedrine Caffeine Asparten) for about 4 mouths in a row, and I got addicted to that thing. I had problems keeping my erection while I take it.

I still take it same times when I have to go to the gym and I feel lazy, but when I take it my sex sucks.

I think it act like cocaine. Same of my friends take cacaine, and they told me that sex sucks after sniffing.

However I would sugest ECA for woman, gals never get tired, You can fuck her for 3 hours and she will ask for more. I love when gals get frenetic.

tsk tsk tsk… viagra for the men and ECA for the women, heh? Thanks for mentioning the addictive character of it. Since I have 200 pills on my shelf I find myself thinking “Why not taking a pill?” without a special occasion… I’ll take care! On the other hand, I don’t really encounter erection problems, but since we have sex mostly in the morning and/or in the early evening I’m not really actually ON Ephedrine while having sex. It’s more like being really horny the next day. Same as with cocaine for me.

My wife didn’t try an ephedrine pill yet, maybe on New Year’s Eve… :D

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003


I will take ecstasy+2g de calcium on New Year´s Eve. I just love that feeling to be able to almost read mind of the a girl only by looking to hear eyes and touching her. But sex isn´t that good with ecstasy because it is summer in Brazil(about 30c at midnight) and my body temperature increase a lot, and my blood is too busy try to cool me down instead of filling my dick.

I am thinking in take Ecstasy with viagra. Have any body try that ?

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Dafranca, ecstasy and coke is not a very good mix for your heart…..they send confliction signals causing heart flutters and breathlessness. It’s best you wait till you’ve come down of the E a little before you go popping the V.
Other than that have a good one………I’m planning on getting totally off my tree and dancing to rough dirty tunes all night. Then we’ve got a little new years tradition to fulfil once we’re down, which is to spend the rest of the day tripping on our harvest of mushrooms :D :D

dafranca, you’re a crazy guy :fie: … I only tried cocaine with viagra. Epehdrine with viagra will be my New Year’s meal as well :D Please be cautious. The heat, the XTC and the viagra. You might end up with a stroke.

FMAMW… extasy and coke :confused: :D …you know what I hate about mushrooms - my skin gets so dry for the next weeks. You are a bunch of freaks ! :chuckle:

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003


I am not on coke, I am taking Oyster Calcium(not a slang for cocaine). I am taking to prevent Jaw clench which I hate to death.

E is for Ecstasy, Appendix 1, Reference 7

I will be also smoking same weed, just to relax.

Can’t we all just chainsmoke and binge drink? I guess I am old fashioned.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I don’t get even get erections while im high, well I don’t even try.

Only thing that happens is that I raid the fridge, marijuana makes me hungry.

Well somebody told me it takes their appetite away but well whatever.

Looking to be a kiwi.


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