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Dosage help needed

Dosage help needed

Hi there guys

Apparently l argentine is good to take for sex and PE.
Is 5000mg of l argentine bad for health?
Will it do any good for me?
What can I expect?



Try 1500 mg first; 500 mg three times a day on an empty stomach, the last at bedtime. Give it two weeks to kick in then evaluate. You can always increase your dosage from there.

Why take a megadose when a smaller one might work just as well?



its just that iv found a really good deal for l argenine.
its like a 120 day supply for $24 but the dosage is 5000mg.

will do it me any bad?

what would i benefit from taking this amino acid anyway?


5000mg seems very unnecessary. Generally liver damage comes to mind when I think of excess anything that your body wont just piss out. Hopefully somebody knows, but I’d do some research before hand.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Beast, does your supplier suggest 5000 mg a day dosage or do the capsules only come loaded that way?

There are guys with ED who take 30 _grams_ of L-a a day. This is very major overkill, imo. Still, I have found nothing credible anywhere indicating that L-a is bad for you in reasonable amounts, of course. It’s a compound you ingest every day in your diet. I told my uro I take 3000 mg a day; he said that was not excessive. (However, I was relieved to hear that my last blood/liver panel had lovely numbers. :) )

Gut S. makes a good point. Too much of anything isn’t a good idea. Further, if you don’t have any ED, even a moderate amount of L-a is going to be gravey to you, anyway.



Hey guys

it turns out they aren’t capsules its a powder mixture (just like a bodybuilding protein powder) with other vitamins and minerals and l arginine. Its advertised as being for cardiovascular health made by a Nobel prize winner.

The 5000mg dosage is supplied through the suggested amount of powder to use so I could just use half of what they suggest.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys!

L-Arginine powder tastes nasty. If I were given a sample and asked to guess where it came from I’d say scum scraped off the inside of a grungy urinal, dried out and powdered. Just FYI.

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