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Fat Pad & Helios Injections ClenYohimbe


Originally Posted by CW
I can’t speak for everyone else, but I have been working out diligently for four years. I eat a very healthy diet, though I did not always do so. About 5-6 years ago, I lost 65 pounds. Started the workout plan after losing the weight when my cardiologist and doctor convinced me that losing the weight was simply not enough to make by heart healthy. I have been at a very healthy 200 pounds since that time, which is perfect for my large 6’4” frame. The problem is, my lower abdominal fat has never gone away. I have spoken to my doctor about it on a couple of occasions and she indicated that the only way to reduce it is through surgery. She said that if it were going away, it would have done so by now.

I wonder if these injections might have an impact. I’m certainly will to try it in lieu of an expensive, elective surgical procedure.


I come from a similar boat, was always overweight and now I am pretty lean and some size. 5’10,

Helio’s in combination with proper diet/exercise has shown spot reduction properties, problem over a large area like the lower ab, lumps can occur from certain areas being burned off faster the others.

It works for some better then others, but its cheap enough to try it and see how it works.

Originally Posted by northmiamitop
I can tell you that fat pad reduction will make a bigger difference to apparent size than PE alone will. I lost a respectable amount of weight after already gaining an inch from PE - the weight loss gave me more size comments than the actual gains did. The size was already there, it just wasn’t as visible as it is now.

That’s what I’m thinking too, my PBEL is 6.5, but without the PB, only 5.6 / 5.7, meaning the fat bad is almost stealing an entire inch from me! Lol

"Thedude999: Something else that is quite interesting is topical fat-burners, it seems like they are working both in theory and in practice.”

100% agree, I have used Tropical Fatburners before which had specific fat burners, but also added clenbuterol to the mixture for an increase fat burning party. They do work at lower BF%s.

This is kinda why I’m hyped about the Fat Par war I am about go go through =]

"Thedude999: You could also start with an ECA-stack before doing anything topical, that should help you”

I agree, ECA is one of my fav stacked fatburners as well.

Originally Posted by the_dude99
If you’re at 17%, try intermittent fasting (leangains is what I recommend). But first take 2 weeks off from dieting (eat at maintenance) and then start again. Leangains is both fasting and carb-cycling, which should work really great for you.

But about topicals, I’ve never tried them myself, but they are supported by science (and anecdotes). It seems like Avant Labs NAPALM seems to work good, SANs Lipo Redux seems to work good and a few others. If you just check what ingredients it uses you could probably make some yourself (for a cheaper price).
You could also start with an ECA-stack before doing anything topical, that should help you.

Thanks, I might give IF a try. By the way, loved you in The Big Lebowski.

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

Still have not got my hands on new helios, i will shorlty tho..

but GH, into the fat pad, seems to have been killing fat (lyposis)


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