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Generic C, V vs Rize2, Aspire36

Generic C, V vs Rize2, Aspire36

Since I’m a newbie, I can’t post in the supp section, so I’ll post this here

I ordered some generic c and v a while back and didnt really see much a difference. I recently picked up Liquid C and it works awesome. My question is, how do these compare to the likes of Rize2, Aspire36. I’ve tried Rize2 and I think that was the best so far. I just picked up some Aspire36 and will try it out this weekend

I thought Aspire was pulled off the market?

It worked well for me, probably about as good as C, but with side-effects. Rize2 had a noticeable effect, too, but not as strong.

For me, Libidus and Arize work the best.

Yes aspire got pulled, but you can still find it on the net. It was pricey though.ouch. What is libidus?

Only sides I have had with c and rize2 was a headache, but I popped 2 aleeves and all was good

Libidus is/was a blend of several herbs, mostly Tongkat Ali. It was pulled from the market for a while, then came back as Maxidus, I believe. Both worked well for me but are hard to find. Arize is a very similar mixture and I can get it at a good price via mail order. I experiment with other things as they become available, but Arize is my reliable standby.

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