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Growth hormone pills


Originally Posted by chainz 8
Is this working for you? My real interest is in whether or not it restores hair as the hucksters all advertise. Of course if you have a full head of hair already, I guess you wouldn’t know?

Hi Chainz,

It works great for me. As to hair restoration, it is more like maybe yes, maybe no. When I went off of it when I had MRSA, I could tell the difference both in musculature, as well as in my hair. My hair began to get grayer. When I resumed, it went back to its normal brown color. Hair goes gray when the hair shaft becomes smaller and as a result it cannot take in the color. The gray part is more like being clear. So when I started back on the HGH, my hair got noticeably thicker and color returned.

Keep in mind that the hucksters quite often want to sell you HGH secretogogues, which are usually amino acids, as show in this tread. Real HGH has to be injected.

AS for the value of using HGH for hair restoration, I really can’t say. It may, or then again,it may not.

Sorry I could not be more specific.


Originally Posted by 9_in_richard
By the way Stage, you do know that if you do your injection subcutaneously rather than intramuscular, that you can get a great amount of site specific fat loss from it right? Just thought that I’d mention it in case. Bodybuilding and better living through pharmaceuticals is a topic that I know a bit about. I’m not an endocrinologist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

Hi 9 in,

I do take my daily injections sub q, and in the sides of the abdomen. And yes, it has helped with fat removal there. A few more burgers will put it back if I feel like it, but yep, it does help.

Thanks for the kind thoughts.


Thank you for the information stagestop.


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