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Hi, has anyone tried kamagraqueen

Hi, has anyone tried kamagraqueen

Hi, ordered some kamagra (type of viagra) to try from style of life, aka kamagraqueen. Has anyone else tried this site. I only ordered 8 tabs to see if they worked and even though I sent payment via debit card 2 weeks ago I never got anything back. They reckon it should take 2-3 days(1st class post) so I sent them a total of 5 emails, never got 1 reply. I was just wondering if anyone else had tried this company, really think I’ve just thrown the money away because they do seem like they’re not going to send anything back. Any replies appreciated, thanks. They’re at


I know nothing about them but would be worried about no email response. Have you checked your junk folder?

Submit a claim with your card at this point.

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I once waited for a month from a place and they even took the website down and never answered my emails as soon as was about to write it off it was at my door. You should have went with one of the proven suppliers we all deal with.

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Thanks for replies, not sure who you all use but expect most of them are over in states, don’t hear of many over here.



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