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Hormone levels and PE

Hmm do you think by supplementing a testosterone boosting herb like tribulus terrestris I might have some additional natural growth left in me (I’m 18)?

And do you think doing PE would hinder natural growth?

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From this info, I am guessing that it would be more beneficial to masturbate just before PE and to hold off ejaculation for awhile to fill your blood with DHT and pge2. Jelq (kegal in enough blood) at upward angles (since the ligs stretch isn’t dependent on DHT) before going to stretches at lower angles. Also, since your penis would be already stretched from erection, it would be easier to stretch with the amount of pge1-2 in the blood.

Maybe PE at night would be best off because of the sleep/repair effect.

This is just a wild guess. I’m going to give it a shot though because it is theoretically possible.


Herbs and the such are precursors and not T itself. It is safe but the benefits for PE are unknown. Unless you had a late puberty, your done getting just androgen growth. If you would have know in the middle of puberty, you could have grown to a very nice size using a topical T product.

Pe can only help, not hurt gains. In fact, you could overload your system with DHT and still not grow without NPE. Your Colon would soak it up and it would grow.

is anyone here a member of Big Al’s site?

if so did you ever read about the guy his name is Dr. Reichter who used androgel directly on his penis. He made huge gains with it while pe’ing now remember andrgel is pure testosteron so it is very dangerous if u don’t understand it. Anyway if you have read his post share your thoughts on his gains and about this topic.


Where do I get this androgel? I would really like to try it! I could use a little bit in my jelq lube.

Available by RX only. If you want to take that huge risk…….Do a search on the net. I am sure you can get it if you think it’s wise to thing do.


How do you like dutasteride compared to finasteride?

Can you tell a difference at all? I have read somewhere

that, since it blocks both reductase enzymes, it also

helps with other DHT-induced conditions, like acne. Did

you find your skin to be less oily since on dutasteride?

I don’t know the answers, but you might ask at the forums. They are very active and full of guys taking these drugs.

I’m going to start finasteride soon to see if it will help me grow some hair. I’ve been using Rogaine for about 8 years and it’s stopped my hairloss. Just waiting for it to get here.

I´ve always believed in doing my girth workout, and also pull ups etc just before bed.

Consider this: I´m 18, fairly young, I think I might be growing taller slowly and I´m still waiting to develop facial hair properly! The only growth I get i around the mouth and only needs to be shaved once every three days or so. There´s a bit in the sideburn area but next to nothing.

My question is, what hormones are currently still around that are causing my maturing, because I must be maturing, and will they help in PE? As, in are the hormones that are causing me to grow more hair on my body and face slowly going to be the same for other areas i.e. penis?

Does your father have body hair? There are alot of factors that go into the maturing process. Genetics play’s a key role in the development of your body features. I can tell you that DHT controls body and facial hair but if it isn’t in your genetic code for follicle growth in a certain area, then it won’t grow. Just like some people loose their hair because of DHT and some don’t.

GnRH starts puberty……Too much info. Do you remember being out of school and a friend of yours was shorter than you at the end of the last school year but came back taller than you? Thats the cycle of puberty.

According this the theory I presented in this post, your gains would depend greatly on your DHT level. There is no way I could test your DHT level from here but you can maximize it by taking precursors to T. Your body will turn T into DHT. Good luck.

Originally posted by xxm
How do you like dutasteride compared to finasteride?
Can you tell a difference at all? I have read somewhere
that, since it blocks both reductase enzymes, it also
helps with other DHT-induced conditions, like acne. Did
you find your skin to be less oily since on dutasteride?

It´s still too early to tell, I don´t have any more side effects from dut than I did to fin, which means nothing much at all, maybe a slightly less libido.

I never had a acne problem or a very oily face and I don´t notice much of a difference, none actually. Sometimes I think drugs just pass right through me…

Others have reported a less oily face though, but a normalization after some weeks, but still a bit less oily.

I wouln´t take it for problems with acne though, there are other good drugs for that, that don´t have to be taken up by your whole system. Like creams. Do a search on for acne, there´s some other thing in cream form that is actually used to treat acne, don´t remember the name though. Acelazic acid or retin-a, one of them :p

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Thanks for the answers,

I wouldn’t take it just for that, I also have a receeding hairline.

Talking about acne, unfortunately mine is mostly on my back, so

topical applications are pretty useless. I was looking for something

that works systemically rather than topically, but accutane is too

harsh on the liver and antibiotics are no picnic either…

a recognized side effect of proscar is impotency.

a herb that works just as well is saw palmetto. i don’t know the

pathway it works in, but it isn’t suppose to give you any of the proscar side effects.

approx. 500mg twice a day to shrink the prostate (fully metabolized in 12 hours, so 2x’s is a must)

advantage- you can pee decently again

disadvantage-tougher for your cutie to give ya a prostate massage

I have always wondered if PE caused an increase in DHT. I’m worried about losing my hair and have been using Finasteride for awhile. I’m also a hard-gainer.

IMO, I can’t see how DHT can help with PE. DHT is necessary for making the penis grow during puberty, but after a certain age I wonder if there is any benefit to having DHT in the body. Also, if you think about it, your penis grows through stretching the ligaments, tunica, and cells so I can’t see how DHT can aid in this process. The only thing I can see it aiding in is the strength of an erection which can sometimes be hindered with Finasteride use. Personally, I would rather have hair, a good sized willy, and use Arginine and Yohimbe to give me rock hard erections.

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ok guys I have some questions.

I am 23 y/o and I started permature balding when I was around 20/21. I don’t know how far it is now because I shave my head bald. I started shaving my face late in 8th grade (around 13 y/o). I have hair all over my chest and back(well when I am not freshly waxed :) ). In fact every where except on my feet and most of my hands. I am white but the hair is black and course. Now it would seem that I have all the hallmarks of high DHT levels, correct? Then why do I only have a 5x4.75 dick!??! I think I was robbed of my 10 incher :)

Also I posted a thread in which I talked about people in another non-PE forum talking about using a transdermal prohormone directly on their penis and it grew. Some of the guys were 30 and 40 somethings. please comment.


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