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Hyaluronic acid gel


Originally posted by gprent101
So Vinny,

That is very interesting stuff, but….have you tried it?

[In a Yiddish accent] So, who’s got money for such a thing? I’ll probably spring for a topical solution or creme containing it for a trial on myself. Don’t wait by the keyboard - post Xmas bills come first!


before - 8===Ð

after - 8=====Ð

With the glans injection then, does that mean they had a single injection and the tissue remodelled to fit over time, or that they balooned it up over time with multiple injections? The abastract didn’t mention as far as I can tell. Perhaps an injection of hyaluronic acid with concomittant use of topical hyaluronidase (perhaps in DMSO) would allow a more effective augmentation(?)

My concern about topical use of hyaluronidase (or a collagenase) on the rest of the member is that you may end with very baggy/poor skin tone on your unit without it penetrating to where you want it to go.


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