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Hydroxycut and PE

Hydroxycut and PE

How would Hydroxycut affect PE, or would it at all?


Just to elaborate on what insane said. I would say no also. But im guessing it probably has caffeinne in it, which is a vasoconstrictor (less blood flow). If you are a pumper, probably not the best thing to take on a pump day. All the rest of the stuff we do, its fine for. :)

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Thanks for the replies guys. Thats what I was thinking about the caffeine thing too, but I don’t pump so I should be fine.

I thought vasoconstrictors would bad for PE in general, because it will cause your willy to turtle up, which during the healing process is bad. I cut caffeine and ephedrine from my diet when I began PE.

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Hydroxycut IS a vasoconstrictor & is counter productive, as I see it, to PE. It has been recommended to me not to take it while I’m using NOxx as this is a vasodialator & they would conflict. I’ve been using NOxx for just about a year now & it really seems to have me hanging flaccid at 5.5x5nbp as well as keeping my cock very vascular. I take it for weight lifting but these are some wonderful “side effects”!!! Finally 8x6” bpel

You know it’s really easy to counter.

Take 100mg of Niacin and some Horse Chestnut (any standardized extract).
These will open up your veins down there.

Hydroycut to your hearts content! (I like Xenadrine NGR)



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