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L-Arginine powder source?

L-Arginine powder source?

Does anyone have a good source for L-Arginine powder? I did a search on the web and there are so many suppliers out there, I don’t know which would be best (reputable). Any suggestions? Thanks.


Not me.

Thanks for posting this, i would like to find a cheep one as well. Some of the on line wholesalers sell super cheap protien and creatine, lets hope L-Argine is the same.

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After a long time sifting through a ton of online stores, here are the three cheapest I’ve found:

https://www.myh …

1 lb. NOW L-a powder = $23.95 + S&H - Nutrition and Diet-Friendly Foods

1 lb. NOW L-a powder = $24.95 + S&H

Jo Mar Labs - Your Amino Acid Source Since 1979!

1000 grams ( = 2.2 lbs) L-a powder = $56.40 + S&H

So it looks like the winner is based solely on price. Anyone know how their service, quality, etc. is? Any horror stories with any of these three? Also, any other sources I should look at? Thanks.


Somebody posted something about Killersports having a good deal on it.



Daomun, I use a protein powder made by ISS Research (Whey Matrix) that is high in Arginine. It is a 5 lb. canister with 71 servings at 2.3g per serving. It can be had for between 25 and 30 dollars. I use Netrition, but any company carrying the ISS line should have for a price close to them.

Thanks for the info. What’s the address for killersports? didn’t work for me. I checked out the ISS Whey Matrix, and sure enough, 2.3g of L-arginine, along with a ton of other L- supplements, etc. plus 22g of protein at $26.95 for 71 servings. The NOW L-a powder alone had 151 3g servings for $24.95. My question is that most things I’ve read on L-a say take it on an empty stomach, and that protein “kills it”, so is it being effective when mixed in a protein drink? Also, I currently take a lot of soy protein as my protein source. And I’m a little concerned about the “estrogen” effect. How does whey protein compare to soy? And what about the cholesterol in whey? I started taking L-a hoping to increase my ejaculate volume. It hasn’t effected mine in the least. But it has rejuvenated my erections to what they were like pre-PE (like many other’s on this forum, I’ve had occasional problems achieving a really firm hard-on since starting PE. I NEVER even came close to having a problem before PE, but now, in less highly charged scenarios, I sometimes find it hard to stay hard. I get hard, but after a half hour or so it deflates. Last weekend, I took 6g of L-a before a session, and bingo, it got so hard it was tingling, and my orgasm was more intense, and I stayed hard after I came, just like in the old days. My partner even commented that it seemed bigger than usual. L-a is GREAT!).


Do you use arginine alone or in combination with ornithine? This review made me think that together they could possibly be more beneficial than alone. Any thoughts?

The effect of arginine on growth hormone levels1 has interested body builders. In a controlled trial, when arginine and ornithine(500 mg of each, twice per day, five times per week) were combined with weight training, a greater decrease in body fat was obtained after only five weeks, than when the same exercise was combined with a placebo. In another study, however, 5 grams of arginine powder, taken orally 30 minutes prior to exercise, failed to affect growth hormone release and may have even impaired the release of growth hormone in younger adults.

Arginine is also needed to increase protein synthesis, which can in turn increase cellular replication. Therefore, arginine may help people with inadequate numbers of certain cells. For example, some, though not all, studies have found that men with low sperm counts experienced an increase in the number of sperm when they supplemented with arginine.

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