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Levitra ?

Levitra ?

Why Levitra is not mentioned here it is a German registered ED pill similar to Viagra but with less effect and longer acting like Cialis cheaper hat both

What are the feedback of users if any?

While I recognize that Levitra (Vardenafil) is not mentioned here as often as Viagra or Cialis, a quick search on Levitra returned 25 pages of posts, and a search for Vardenafil returned 7 pages.

Live long and prosper.

Tadalafil (Cialis) : 17.5 hours of metabolic half-life (effective for ~35 hours), patent to expire in 2016 (US) and 2017 (EU).

Sildenafil (Viagra) : 3.5 hours of metabolic half-life (effective for ~7 hours), ED patent to expire in 2020 (US), already expired in EU. Non-ED patent expired in both.

Vardenafil (Levitra/Staxyn/Vivanza) : 4.5 hours of metabolic half-life (effective for ~9 hours), patent to expire in 2018.

Patents directly influence price and availability. By the way patents can be complicated and each substance has several patents. For instance a patent for sildenafil per-se may be expired, but there may be another patent still pending, monopolizing sildenafil’s use for ED treatment. Yet another one protecting the “Viagra” brand name. So in the US it’s still illegal to advertise/sell generic sildenafil pills for ED treatment but it may be perfectly legal to sell the same pill for another cause (e.g. Pulmonary arterial hypertension treatment). :)

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As for effectiveness of each, that’s really not a selection variable as each drug is dosaged according to its effect per mg. E.g. Standard dosages are 25-50-100 mg/pill for Viagra, 5-10-20 mg/pill for Cialis, and 5-10-20 mg/pill for Levitra. They’re dosage-adjusted for equivalent effects, so potency comparison becomes a moot point.

From usage point of view, tadalafil can be preferred with its 35 hours of effectiveness.
From price point of view, sildenafil with expired patent can be preferred for obvious reasons.
From which point of view would vardenafil be preferred?

The question answers the original one.

I think that people who pick Levitra do so because they believe it works better for them than the other two. All 3 work the same way as a PDE5 inhibitor & vasodilator.

Live long and prosper.

Thanks for your input thus far yes patents are not really what I am interested in. as Ernie banks points out I am more interested in PDE5 inhibitor & vasodilator.and how it works on my body so far Levitra seems to work pretty good I was surprised as Viagra 100 has no effect whatsoever yet Cialis does but I yet to find the timing and if last up to 35 hours Should ou have your second pill after 24 hours and every 48 hours ?

BTW I only need 5mg of Cialis to get me going and may be ( not tried yet to get me really hard ) but the problem is they do ot work all the time.

On the other hand is Levitra 10 which works most of the time.

mind you I have a circulation condition issue which causes cold extremities especially down my legs .

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You might try adding L-arginine to the mix; perhaps 2000mg, taken at the same time as the ED drug of your choice. L-arginine is a vasodilator supplement, not very expensive and works well with the drugs you’re trying.

Live long and prosper.

Originally Posted by ErnieBanks

You might try adding L-arginine to the mix; perhaps 2000mg, taken at the same time as the ED drug of your choice. L-arginine is a vasodilator supplement, not very expensive and works well with the drugs you’re trying.

Yes that is an option I already tried but my local GP given me an answer I did not expected . He said can you hold and erection while masturbating My response was yes. There you are you have no ED or problems just anxiety is what plays in my mid and no dug can help me raise libido if I do not have my mind in it.

What’s your opinion?

I think ED is somewhat a wide definiton, caused by various factors. Physical, psychological, external conditions can cause or hinder erection. A PDE5 inhibitor (and/or NO booster) helps the situation as a whole. I don’t believe in squeezing the term “disfunction” in its biological sense only. Yes, cGMP is physical in itself, but it’s also psycho-somatic, I.e. Affected by psychological disturbances, and PDE5 inhibitor is a corrector in the whole picture. I don’t say it solves, but I say it helps. Put another way, stress can decrease NO production (cGMP inflow) and you compensate that by limiting cGMP leak. It may or may not solve the problem, but it definitely helps.

My stomach can be physically sound, but when I’m under stress I’ll take anti-acids to correct the stress induced acidity. I honestly can’t imagine a doctor examining my stomach then saying “you’ve got a biologically sound stomach, so you can’t take anti-acids, instead you need transcendental meditation and deeper inner peace and self understanding” to me while I’m folded in pain. :)

Psychology increases acidity, anti-acid corrects that. Likewise, psychology decreases cGMP, NO boosting or PDE5 inhibiting corrects that. No difference.

Limiting PDE5 inhibitors just to biological issues doesn’t really make sense to me.

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