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Longitude pill makers SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY

I tried Longitude for three months then they went into Receivership and don’t order any more. Two months off then try Vig Rx with

for four months. With their exercises and the pills increase an inch from 6 to 7 l and 4.5 to 5in g. The pills increase erections and gave more sex desire/ drive Yet PE with as per Thundersplace seems to work better and

I,m glad I found your site, Thank you….Thunder. Working toward 8in l 6IN g

for me and only me.

Glad they are gone all we need now is for the rest of them to shut down with there bullshit lies. I bought vp-rx and the only thing I got was a harder dick and an empty wallet.

7 x 7 1/2 NBPEL

Shooting for 8 x 7 NBPEL

I see Ron Jeremy promoting some penis enlargement pill brand. Everyone knows he was already big so I don’t get it as to how he is suppose to be seen as someone who knows if it works or not. On second thought,not everyone watching the advertisement would know of him. He did a complete infomercial on the product a while back.He was very amateurish in his presentation and appeared to really be quite a smartass with comments he said to people on the set. It wasn’t a well worked out infomercial at all. They were obviously winging a lot of it.

Great. Now when will they take down Enzyte?

If we spent money on these pills, is there going to be a refund of any sort?

Life is a game! You win some you lose some! The only easy day was yesterday Just be happy :)

Well I’ve been taking enzyte for about 4 mos. now and

while I can’t claim any erect lenght gains, I can tell you

that there IS more blood flow and my erections are much

better now than before taking it. Thats what I started

taking it for, not for growth.

Just started newbie routine on 04-20-04/ 2 on 1 off.

starting stats:




Yeah,Enzyte is good stuff for erections,but it will not make your dick grow.You can now get enzyte at Walgreens,I bought some the other day.


I know I was dumb enough to try this scam. Plus, I didn’t even ask to be put on their auto-mailing list so they kept my credit card number on file and kept billing me for the shit and refused to take me off. The only thing that saved me was when my account overdrew so they weren’t able to bill me. I hate the way these companies prey off of the insecurities of us, I’m glad the owners lost their millions and millions of dollars.

Previously known as Gandolf*

I don’t know if you have a similar law in the U.S.A. as in the U.K. where if someone debits your card and credits an account without permisssion they can be done under our ‘Theft Amendment Act 1996’ The penalty on conviction is up to 10 years in jug. I had an ISP try that . They did a quick stop when I quoted the law.

Also here, the Credit Card company may be liable for any unlawful debits by vendors. Might be worth checking if this applies in the U.S.

I foolishly tried VigRx, no gain, no better erection, I suppose that Longitude are not the only pills company making a lot of money with some bull shit product. If you go around www, you will find some pills with almost the same ingredients for 4 times cheaper, and they don’t claim that you will enlarge your penis but only enhance your performances “honnest”.


That was great. Longitude was a total scam, as so many fake pills outhere.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

what about enzyte?

I bought this Longitude crap too a couple of years ago. Anyway about six months back I got a letter from some law firm seeking to include me in a class action law suit against them. It seemed like too much trouble at the time. I kinda wish now that I’d done it. Friggin 20/20 hindsight!

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. I was Comtemplating the immortal words of Socrates, who said "I drank what!?". Start May 2005 6.5" BPEL - 6" NBPEL - 5" eg June 2005 6.75" BPEL - 6.25" NBPEL - 5" eg August 2005 7.125" BPEL - 6.5" NBPEL - 5" eg

I bought into the pills also, about 6 months ago a lawer contacted me about joining a Class Action Lawsuit aginst the Makers of the pills. I also had a very hard time getting them not to send me any more I could never get to a person for support. They just kept charging me month to month and evry month I refused the package but the continued to charge me for them. I also turned down the law suit too. They Had the Diablo as a contest to see who gained the most and would award you with the car. Damn swindlers.

8-13-05 6.25 inch bpel (not really bone pressed too much fat for that, just what I can measure) 6 5/8th in pump 5.25 inch eg 8-14-05 6 7/8 inch in pump at same 8-10 hg. 8-19-05 7 inches even in the pump. Going for 8x6 but will be happy with 7x6.


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