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Mederma available in the UK?

Mederma available in the UK?

I hope I have posted this in the correct forum.

Does anyone know if Mederma is available in the UK? If so where please?

I had a mole cut out with a few stitches put in and want to reduce the scar.

I don’t know if it is available in the UK, but I know you can get a gel call dermatrix which is much better. I have a tube of Mederma I bought in the US over a year ago which I will send you if you want (PM your address), however, I am unsure if this stuff has a use buy date. Also how big was the mole and where abouts was it and how many stitches? I have a small mole on my face I want removing but hadn’t thought abought scarring so I would be greatful for any information.

Hi Joey55, thanks for the reply.

I have found Mederma for sale on the internet for about $25 but thought I would try to get it here first even though it would be more expensive.

I went to Boots and asked but they had not heard of it, the lady behind the pharmacy counter said her friend had had success with Dermatrix gel.

I bought a 15ml tube for £29.99 and am applying a very thin layer twice a day.

Thank-you for the offer of the Mederma but at this time I want to give the Dermatrix at least 2 months use maybe more.
Did you find the Mederma helped your scar heal?

To answer your question I had 2 moles removed, 1 was small on the inside crease of my elbow and it did not require any stitches.
The other was on my left pectoral and was about the size of a 5p piece, maybe slightly bigger and was dark and raised. I had 4 stitches.

The scar is certainly better looking that the mole and is nice and flat in half of it but the rest is raised almost as if the skin had been pulled too tightly together and is a bit bunched up.
Because the area of skin where the mole was cut out is hairy I also wonder if the hair growth will look weird when it grows back because there is hair growing on the edges of the wound.

Thanks for the information. I didn’t actually use the Mederma as at the same time I bought Silicone gel sheets which I know are alot better. I only bought the Mederma in case the sheets proved unpractical as they are obviously not as easy to apply as a cream, but the sheets were fine so I have an unused tube of Mederma. Dermatrix wasn’t available at the time which is basically the sheets but in a gel form.


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