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My Extenze Daily Log

Do you Extenze users cycle or take it continuously?

I’m about to cycle this shit. been on for 2 weeks and I got an annoying throbbing headache. Its not bad just annoying. I took a day off and now I’m fine, but I guess I’ll do 1 week in and a few days out. I might get hooked.


This is my first post, but this thread is related to one of my issues. I will post my other issues in the appropriate threads. For consistency on this forum I believe I am BPEL 5.75 NBPEL 5.5 FL 3.25 and EG 4.75. I am 44, 5’7” tall, 180 lbs. I will do a better job measuring to be more exact. I feel I am a bit smaller than average, but just a bit. According to most surveys I am in the middle grouping. Only one woman in the 25 I have slept with has ever commented negatively. The rest came or seemed satisfied. Her comments when I was 21 were thoughtless enough to effect me for the rest of my life with frequent doubts.

I am seeking PE, but also have had more pressing ED problems, only in the last three and a half years, and only since my divorce. I just want to be a bit bigger than average and work 99% of the time. I’d be happy with BPEL 6.5 and EG 5.5 which seem to be modest gains. My life is pretty full with kid visitation, 3 jobs, and a new marriage. If I could do this with a pump and some lig stretches in a half hour a day, it would suit me just fine to gain .75 in length and girth over a year or two. I just cannot figure out how I can put over an hour a day into this. I have had very frank discussions with my wife, who was single until we married when she was 39, has slept with dozens of partners and swears she doesn’t want me to gain length because she has a weird shaped uterus and longer has hurt her. She understands that I want a confidence boost as far as what I feel, but insists she has great time in bed and I need no enhancement. I am sure though she wouldn’t complain about an inch or so.So not much motivation from her end, but acceptance.

The ED seems to be mostly in my head, not completely, some physical stuff is there as well. The physical definitely contributes to the mental. I do believe that some size gains and feeling bigger flaccid in my pants will help cure some of the head stuff. I have a cock ring (a few actually) which I use almost religiously. I have also turned to what my wife calls my “supplements.” This has included over the last three years many well-known and some not so well known herbal and pharmaceutical enhancements. Zinc, L-Arginine, HGW, Maca, Tribulus, Muira Puriens, Yohimbe, PT-141 (wow!), etc. Not all at the same time. I now do daily 5mg Cialis after visiting Urologist with complaints. It’s effect seems to have diminished over time. I have been taking it for about 18 months. I do have about a 85% success rate at hard enough for sex, but it takes a regimen of supplements and occasional delves into extras, like PT-141 and Yohimbe. I wish I could go back to simpler times when everything just worked..

The “active” ingredient in liquid Extenze for me (as well as other liquids, like Stamina-RX) is Yohimbe. I have only used the liquid Extenze. I regularly have some Stamina-RX on reserve in the medicine cabinet for times when I want an absolutely sure thing. I have definitely identified the friendly herb in these products as Yohimbe. It works TOO well for me. It is like a miracle drug. But, of course, there are problems. No free lunch.

I have taken Yohimbe as a pill (from GNC 112.5 mg), and other liquids that have it in it at about the same strength. Liquid seems to get into system faster. Same effect. Incredible wood, heightened desire, increased aggressiveness and confidence and unfortunately a pounding heart and no sleep for at least 16 hours. Especially if I drink caffeine after. When I would take the entire liquid bottle or pill, supposedly one dose, I would nearly have a heart attack. I can decrease the dose to 1/4 pill or bottle with almost same wood, less aggressiveness, but also less sleep problems, but they don’t go completely away. I cannot take at night without the chance that I will not be able to sleep and will lay awake happily remembering my session, but not sleeping.

I am wondering if anyone has a similar experience and knows what to do to get the erection enhancing effect of yohimbe without the “shakes and wakes”. Yohimbine? Something else? If I knew it would make my life so much easier.

Originally Posted by sed26

Is there anything harmful in these pills?

If you’ve ever had a migraine before, then either don’t buy them or start of with at least half a pill.

Start 6/13/08 NBPEL = 5 EG=5.25 NBPFL=3.5 FG=4.5 Now 8/5/08 NBPEL = 5.5 EG=5.25 NBPFL=4 FG=4.75Goal NBPEL=7 EG=5.5 NBPFL=5 FG=4.75

My Pics/Log

Yohimbe / Yohimbine <——> That shit IS The Devil!

It will make your blood pressure high, make your hands sweat, give you fast and/or irregular heartbeats and causes a general over all feeling of anxiety and shittyness. Quite frankly you’d have to be one desperate hombre to resort to that for a better erection. Be very careful taking yohimbine and be sure to monitor your BP while using it. When you first try it take a very small amount or you may go for a long, terrible, ride. I can’t caution you enough. I took the manufacturer’s recommended dose and felt like I was going to die for 24 hours. I’m healthy, I have normal BP and pass a class 1 medical every year. I’d also like to add caffeine, ephedra, Viagra and Cialis don’t make me have any of these awful side effects. This is the only thing I’ve tried that did this. After Googling yohimbine on the internet I found many, many people have had these same God awful effects from taking/trying it. Several have died.

It may be that you had caffeine or too much caffeine. Caffeine seems to be the “turbo charger” when mixed with yohimbe. Try not to ingest any caffeine while using yohimbe or products containing yohimbe/yohimbine.


I think you are right mangringo, the caffeine takes me over the edge. The Yohimbe still makes my heart beat quickly, and I haven’t taken enough to really makes things work great, but I have been able to take a small amount and sleep if I stay off caf. I am really careful since I really can’t afford to stay up all night.

In a few days I am going to try my regular dose of Yohimbe and completely stay off caffeine and see what happens.

I’m through eleven pills right now, after the first two I had a bad headache, but awesome flaccid and rock hard erections throughout the day. Now that I have taken more, side effects seem to have gone away, but so has the awesome flaccid. Still have very hard erections and seem to shoot more as well. Seems like my body has adapted to the ingredients though for now. Morning wood has come back though for the first time in a few years, excited about that. Could also be that I’ve been on a bodybuilding pre-contest diet for some months now and before Extenze my Test levels were obviously way down since I had almost no sex drive and horrible erections at 24, which typically happens when I go on a bodybuilding diet to lose fat, I lose all sex drive after a few months. Extenze so far allows me to have great erections when I am stimulated, but doesn’t do much for desire so far.

What one Enzyte or Extenze?

Ok, so one year ago on Feb. 15, I had a major BP event. I was 155/108. Hospital, the whole nine yards. I weighed 307 pounds at the time as well. Since that day I have lost weight. I now weigh in at 220 pounds, my BP is 130/65. After my trip to the hospital, I went on BP meds. I am no longer on BP meds. I want to try a 30 day trial of extenze. Do you think I should?

Start 11-11 5.75BPEL x 4.5 MSEG; 02-12 7.0 BPEL x 5.0 MSEG; 04-12 7.625 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG

Goal 7.5 BPEL x 6.0 MSEG

Wondering what happened Vincent

Haven’t seen an update since you stopped for blood pressure reasons Vincent Van Cock. Did you ever start back up?


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