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NOX2 for Growth

I received my NOX2, but I can not work out due to a torn rotator. Are there negative side effects from taking this without lifting weights?


No there should not be any adverse side effects by not lifting when taking this type of supplement.

Also if you were before your injury ,, you might want to keep lifting weights with your legs , it may help the circulatory effects of the supplement..

Guys, I just bought some NO2 today at GNC, the bottle doesn’t look like the bottle you guys post, is it the same thing?

It’s not by Pinnacle but there is the what the label says:


Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
Extended Release Formula

It costed me 79.99 a bottle for 180 caplets :(

NOX2 is an NO2 knockoff. It is a lot cheaper than 80$ but they both serve the same purpose.

I saw the same price for no2 and was shocked…now I’m kinda glad I didn’t buy any.

I have been taking NO2 for the past 3 weeks with good results. I haven’t noticed it as much in PE as I have in weightlifting but, it does increase the libido a bit and I have ample blood flow to the unit. I should mention that I am also taking creatine, L-glutamine, calcium and daily vitamins. I have been exercising regularly for at least the last several months but just got back into the gym and to free weights within the last month. My diet has also drastically improved. I think these factors, as well as, the NO2 are responsible for my results. Today I returned my 2/3 used bottle of NO2. I went and bought the cheaper Pinnacle NOX2. I don’t expect to notice a difference and as long as I don’t, I will be switching to the less expensive NOX2 permanently.

Started takin NOX3 a week ago and WOW…..not any PE gains to speak of but my load is definately bigger. I don’t know if it is the NOX3 or the extra H2O I’m drinking….but something is working. Now I need to find someone willing to let me give them a creampie and see how she likes it.

I’ve been taking NOX2 almost a month and I think it’s pretty good stuff, I feel way more pumped after workouts, flaccid hang is good too, erections seem pretty much the same which was pretty good before (unless I go a little overboard on the PE).

About the ZMA I just read this:
Accutane Cost Per Pill - Most Popular Online Drugstore
What do you guys think about that?

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I was just reading about creatine, which is apparently made up of 3 amino acids: arginine, glysine, and methionine.

It’s supposed to help alot with building muscle, but also cause you to hold more water in your body, isn’t this basically vascudialation? (the arginine) Like what the NOX2 does, would NOX2 be making your blood vessels hold more water and there by keep your blood vessels enlarged? If this is the case then perhaps creatine also has possible PE benefits. I also do bodybuilding so I’m interested in anything that can help me out there too. I heard that bodybuilders in general have larger penis’, this is probably do to less fat pad for one, but could these suppliments that many body builders take also have something to do with that?

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

hey guys. question for the body builders. i have recently started getting back to the gym as well as started PE exercises. currently i am and taking some gnc soy + whey protien and a multivitamin. i am wondering if i should be getting this NOX2 to help with the PE exercises. i read an early post in the thread about taking protien and NOX2 at the same time. can someone clarify this? does the protien cancel the effect of the NOX2?

Hey guys, first time poster, long time lurker :D I have been looking into starting NOX2, but then found NOX3 which is cheaper, and supposedly has the same effect plus alpha-ketoglutarate, which supposedly increases the vasodilator effect. Since practically all the information I’ve found is sponsored or geared towards marketing, I was wondering if any of you have tried and/or compared both of these to give a more objective view? or for those who have tried NOX2, do you think there might be much difference in the formula?

does any one have any experience with protien powders and nox2 together?

Guys, but this stuff at Vitamin World. It is much cheaper than the GNC brand, and much better. Pinnacle NOX2 $23.00 fgor 90 1000 mg caplets.


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You can’t mix protein with NOX2 because arginine competes with lysine (which is in protein shakes etc.) for absorbtion.
It’s best to take your NOX2 in the morning first thing with lots of water, and then later in the day hours after you’ve had your protein.

I’ve never seen NOX3 for sale anywhere or even heard of it.

I get my NOX2 here for $35.50

It works great with PE and weightlifting!

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