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Richeria Grandis (bois bandé in French)

Interesting find. There seems to be very little information online about this

I bought some from a Carribean shop in concentrated liquid form and Bois bande infused rum.

I’m not feeling so well at the moment so I’ll tell you how it works when I’m fit again.

I’ve heard that too much of it can result in priapism!

Google - Bois Bande bark. There seems to be plenty of information from that.

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Hmmm..there does seem to be a little bit, but mostly heresay and stuff from companies selling it. No real information regarding its efficacy.

It is an interesting one though. I found a google book which mentioned the priapism thing from an overdose. It’s meant to increase desire aswell as circulation.

Looking forward to the results of your experimentation dongalong.

Any updates on this one?

I tried it but was a bit disappointed, I didn’t notice all those great benefits mentioned, it didn’t seem any better than yohimbe.

I suspect that they were a bit light with the amount of bark used in the concentrate and rum.

I might try the bark which you can order directly from the carribean and make a tisane with it, at least then I’ll know if a stronger dose works for me.

Last night I had a little cup of Bois bande rum liqueur and I think that it might have worked!

I had an extra long lasting 95%+ erection last night. After 3 hours of Far infra red rays during post PE ADS, I usually get a similar maximum erection but this time it lasted much longer than normal and only subsided after I ejaculated.

Smells like crap to me. Seriously, between the two articles it sounds like a snake oil salesman’s dream. French for Hard Wood? The natives don’t want to share their “secret aphrodisiac potion?” I’ve heard much better marketing lines.

Keep us updated though! Never hurts to put another tool in the toolbox.

It is well known in France, Yohimbe and muira pauma are both sourced from trees and work well for some people so I don’t see why bois bande shouldn’t.


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