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Sperm taste better

Sperm taste better

What is suppose to make your sperm taste sweeter or something? Isn’t it like grapefruit juice or something like that?


My 9 inches are coming!!

Yep, Pinapple juice……….


Aloha from the state with the sweetest cum. It’s pineapple.



I used to live in Hawaii. We used to go out into the fields and steal pineapples regularly. (Fortunately, I never got shot by a salt rifle.) This must have been why the girls liked me then!

I also read celery does the job too, but I have no field test to back it up.

Just have your partner do a couple tequila shots first, then it will taste fine.

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How long do you have to wait before it tastes better? And can pineapplejuice also do it?

Eat a lot of Asparagus. j/k

When I read the title, I was wondering if the orignial poster was going to list things that cum tastes better than.

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