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Stendra (Avanafil) Anybody use this?

Stendra (Avanafil) Anybody use this?

It’s touted as being quicker in effectiveness and has less side effects. I have been having lower erection quality and have been playing with the idea of taking ed medicines if need be, so I’m trying to find the best option.

Having a brief look on wiki, it seems it has a faster onset of action than other pde 5s . I’m also curious about its usage.

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Is this a prescription thing?

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Stendra is a prescription drug. If you log onto their web site you should be able to get a coupon for two free pills. If you are on 100 mg of Viagra, you should use the 200 mg Stendra.

No personal experience ;however, I have read ( that guys are getting mixed results. Apparently, it works more quickly than the other pills and has less side effects. On the other hand, it doesn’t last as long as the other pills. I also heard that you need to have your blood vessels and nerves intact (like the other pills) so guys who have gone through prostate surgery will not benefit. As far as venous leak is concerned, you should get the same results as you would with the others.

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I got some from ID and for me it does nothing for wood, just gives headaches (even that could be somewhat coincidental)… I would blame ID if I hadn’t been using their other stuff for years with success. I have used their liquid tadalafil for years, and even believed I had success with their SARMs recently.

I wonder if this one has a more individual reaction in people…

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I too got liquid avanafil from ID a while back, and it had no effect at all. Not even a stuffy nose. So I think their avanafil is, or at least was, completely bogus. But I agree that their tadalafil is good, and their reputation has always been good.

I also got liquid avanafil from Purchase Peptides. It doesn’t really work very well for me, but at least has some effect.

I just posted in the “Closing down…” thread about two sources of avanafil tablets: for Indian stuff that may not require a prescription for genuine branded stuff requiring a prescription.

Both are around $7 for a 100 mg dose, which of course is substantially more than the liquids cost.

I’m going to try the branded tablets and see how they work. Then at least I’ll have something to compare the liquids to.

Maybe you can try 99%min raw avanafil powder. It works quickly.

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