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I noticed a lot of people here do body building.

I wonder if anyone has ever done steroids while doing PE?

If not, does anyone know if this could lead to a break through with PE gains?

Um nevermind. I should have searched before I posted. I apologize

I’m to lazy to search but.. What did you find out?

Apparently people gained a little bit with their experiment with some steroid cream. Nothing super amazing. The risks outweigh the gains. I don’t think the experiment was ever complete. The thread was 50+ pages long. Not worth reading IMO.

I cycle gear every 7-weeks & all the while I PE too. I have NOT gotten any benefits from any type of cock enlargement from using gear, this is nothing but purely WISHFUL THINKING. I mean, if it WERE true then I, & other BBer’s, would be sporting a cock in the high double digits department! Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Guys, just do the PE routines outlined here at TP’s & stop wasting your time by trying to look for a ‘magical’ potion to enlarge your cock!

This topic is starting to sound stale!!! >(

- Lee Beast

Thank you Lee Beast.

I think I’ve said the same thing on about 3 or 4 other threads of the same topic.

I cycle all the time too, and I still can’t even get to 7”.

Steroids don’t grow your dick!

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