The reason of Indian/Pakistani foods and sex

I am not expert on Ayurvedic medicine in but I often come across posts, articles or mention of one or the other of certain benefits of ingredients like fennel.nigella,celery,poppy, chillies and or cayenne and others see more often found in India/Pakistani ingredients.

Well there is a logic to it “curries” Yes Curries! s the mane invokes there is much more to curries than hotness and the fusion of flavours.

In a nutshell is a combination of ancient medicinal practices started many centuries ago where health benefits were found and passed to daily cooking by sutras(ancient writings) with the addition of some other newer ingredients like chillies and tomatoes (latest to be added)

So Indian food is about the meeting of the spices to benefit one’s health because medicine and doctors are often not available and living conditions are very poor. Yes the function of spices is to ward off diseases in first place and cooking with is believed to enhance long life and provide health benefits. Some of these combination of spices logically provide male and fertility enhancements.

The Indians believe in a combination of cooling and heating ingredients when combined enhance the benefits and this is almost sacred to them although there is another school of thought called desi and desi food .

So next when you think of a spice or ingredient it is wise to do a bit of research how to incorporate this into your diets fro health benefits but do not expect much from it as their contribution is small but cumulative however if you acknowledge this action will help you relieving your tension and anxiety and provide you with good placebo effect.